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  1. I have not been on ASF in a while and was wondering how much an upgraded TM VSR-10 would sell for with the following upgrades, Upgrades- PDI Vtrigger PDI hard piston PDI 250% spring Nineball hard bucking TM rail Leapers 4x32 illuminated retical scope with low mount rings
  2. Any wind really will throw off your shot after 100 feet or so, heavier bbs just reduce the amount the bb will curve. Also a misaligned bucking can cause a bb to curve as well as tilting your rifle ever so slightly to the right or left.
  3. You only need it if you decide to srcap the airbrake. Doing this will increase your fps but will also increase the report of your gun when it is fired.
  4. Airsoft GI sells a bar-10 with a decent scope included for a good price.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. After firing a few mags I found that my shots were very inconsistent. One travel a good distance, not as far as I'd hope, then the next one would drop to the ground twenty feet in front of me. After this I took apart my gun, lubed everything and carefully put it back together only to have the same problems. Well I took it apart again and went through everything and figured I was losing compression so I checked my piston and realized the o ring on my PDI hard piston was very tight and did not give a good seal. I put on the stock o ring and slapped everything back together. I took a few shots and I easily reached 200 feet and shot through both sides of a soda can, before it would even go through one. For some reason it seems that aftermarket pistons come with crappy o rings.
  6. So after much time spent using various laylax parts and having problems I decided to splurge and go for a PDI setup. I just got my order in the mail. Here are my new internal parts -PDI v-trigger -PDI hard piston -PDI spring guide -PDI 250 spring I just put everything together and have had some problems, well at least I think they are problems. For one the PDI spring is really long. To put on the cylinder head the spring is already compressed a little. The spring guide stopper is a real tight fit and I might be paranoid from past experiences but it feels like something is going to strip. The trigger pull is real heavy and that is expected. The first time I pulled the bolt the pull was extremely hard, but after that it felt like my old 120. I don't know whats up with that either. Also the gun did not pierce the side of a soda can which I figured it would as I was expecting to get around 450fps. I did rush putting the gun together and am taking it apart again and looking everything over, but any insights and advice would be helpful. If anyone has any specific info on installing pdi parts that'd be great. Thanks.
  7. I would highly recommend the Galaxy MP5k and I'd go for the PDW version with the stock. The gun is a pain to shoot accurately without it. The ROF of the MP5k is not it's strong point but the quality hop-up gives you surprising range and accuracy for such a small gun. Its proved to be durable as far as I've seen. I can't think of any gun that can compete with it for under 100 dollars. You can get it for 90 bucks with shipping on weaponblender.com
  8. I'm pretty sure the end cap is reverse threaded. I'll go check in a little and get back to you. -edit: it has reverse threads
  9. I vote for a pin here so others do not waste their time and money on new sears and pistons that will wear down due to a poor design like I did. I always figured that the 45 degree angle was the systems downfall, but I never knew PDI had a trigger system with 90 degree sear angles which is just inherently a better design. A v-trigger is first on my new parts list.
  10. Dang, I was hoping to save a few bucks. Are all PDI pistons compatible with the V-trigger, specifically their Hard Piston? Also will a laylax spring work fine with these PDI parts. Thanks.
  11. Will a laylax neo piston work fine with the sears on a PDI v-trigger.
  12. Yeah, your not going to have much luck in finding a non bolt action gun that can outrage an AEG by a decent amount. Now you could go for a Tanaka bolt action gas rifle. You'll still have to work the bolt each shot but there is no resistance as with a spring sniper rifle. The tanaka should give you a good range advantage over an AEG. The problem is gas is sometimes inconstant depending on the weather.
  13. The cheapest place to order a bar-10 from is Redwolf. Even after the 40 dollar shipping it's still cheaper than any other store after shipping. I compared them all when I ordered mine. -Also with a stock VSR .25s work the best. The stock spring just doesn't have the power to push .28s to a good distance even with the great TM hop-up. If you do all DIY mods and what not you can get reasonably consistent shots close to 150 feet with the stock spring.
  14. I would rather not spend the money to replace parts I already have but the durability kit is tempting. How much does it cost?
  15. I've always here great things about edgI. It just seems that ordering from them is a hassle. I might have to go for them though if they run tool grade steel for their sears though. I couldn't tell you why I didn't just go all PDI either. Will the edgI sears work fine with the laylax neo piston or would I have to go for a edgI piston? Snipershot- What grade spring are you running with your current setup with the stock sears?
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