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  1. Long time no BUMP. Laptop got asploded a few weeks ago, but I got it back. List of sold stuff: MAGPUL Sling mount MAGPUL rear sight CA M15 KWA MAC11 KJW G23 CA Metal body CA Gearbox Echo 1 gearbox Everything else is still up.
  2. RPK = Never in semi. In my opinion, support gunners should be the only ones who are allowed to use full auto bursts/streams. Just my 2 cents...
  3. Poirier, I just sold them. Thanks. To all of you who have current deals with me, I had family issues this past weekend. Sorry for the delay and lack of communication. Allof the packages have been shipped out, unless we're still working a deal. Again, sorry for any issues.
  4. CA M15 GONE KWA MAC11 GONE MagPul rear sight and sling mount GONE Bump. Everything else still available.
  5. I've recently acquired an SRC RPK (yeah, yeah...) and I need parts to fix up its "janky-ness". Ireally need and outer barrel/bipod assembly, inner barrel, wood kit, flash-hider, and a DRUM MAG. PM me with offers. I've got about $150 in PayPal and a kajillion GBB's and M4/M16 parts to trade - here: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/WTS-WTT-...4?do=findComment&comment=18212564 Thanks.
  6. I need an AK. I need an AK AEG by the end of next week. Please trade with me!
  7. Exactly 24 hours. BUMP. Mac still available. All the CA parts are gone. All other parts still available.
  8. BUMP Most everything is SPT/SPF. A few parts are still available. MAC is still available.
  9. Bump! Added 4 GBB's today. Gotten some offers on the box, many who want parts. All parts are still up. May part out soon if the whole box doesn't sell.
  10. This is my: I NEED MONEY NOW sale. First up: Rules. RULES 1. I accept payment in PayPal only. 2. For trades, YOU ship FIRST. 3. No returns. TRADES LIST 1. RPK 2. AK's 3. Money I've got a massive collection of M4/M16 parts; enough parts to build 2 and a half working M4/M16 varients. All parts are ICS, CA, Echo 1, A&K, King Arms, and G&G. Included is: 1 Classic Army metal body, 1 Classic Army Sportline body, 1 Echo 1 plastic body, 1 complete Classic Army gearbox with M110 spring (the rest is stock), 1 complete Echo 1 gearbox (stock), 1 Magpul flip up rear sight, 1 Classic Army retractible stock + buffer tube, 1 JG buffer tube, 1 Classic Army high torque motor, 1 ICS Turbo 3000 motor, 1 G&G piston, 1 Echo 1 piston, 1 Echo 1 cylinder, 1 Echo 1 gearbox shell, 1 Echo 1 bevel gear, 1 A&K tappet plate, 1 Echo 1 two piece hop up for the Echo 1 body, 1 Echo 1 pistol grip with motor plate, 1 Magpul sling attachment, 1 King Arms full metal hop up, 1 Systema bucking, 1 Classic Army M4 front assembly (minus handguards), 1 Echo 1 M16 front assembly, 1 Echo 1 M16 length inner barrel, 1 Classic Army M4 length inner barrel, 1 Classic Army one piece hop up, 1 Classic Army bucking, 1 Echo 1 bucking, 1 Classic Army birdcage style flash hider, and 1 G&G LR side folding stock assembly (minus the stock). I also have 6 magazines; 1 G&G Hicap, 1 Classic Army hicap, 1 DBoys hicap, 2 MAG midcaps, and one A&K hicap. Overall, you get 2 full M4/M16's worth of parts, and enough parts to repair any damage or to build another M4/M16. What you get in this box is worth WELL over the $225 I'm asking for. Just look up the prices yourself. Now adding 4 GBB's to the sale First up is my KJW G23. I got this in a trade from Hightower. Haven't used it much myself, kinda just got it to have it. It shoots straight and hard. No real damage except for a few minor scratches. The slide has full Glock trades. These aren't cheap, fake trades. They're real and they look amazing. The trades show little to no wear. Will ship with 2 non-leaky mags. Looking for around $100 OBO Next is my KJW/HFC/TM M9. I've owned this gun for about 4 years now. Externally, its still a KJW M9. Internally, I've replaced everything. Inside, the only HFC parts are the blowback unit, recoil spring, and recoil spring guide. Everything else is TM. Its a great gun and shoots nice. Will ship with 1 non-leaky mag. (Its the one on the left.) Next is my WE Dragon 5.1 hicapa (silver) I also acquired this in a trade from AirsoftNJ. It works great but is got a weird quirk that I can't seem to figure out. It shoots fine, but every now and then, it'll do a burst of full auto. Can't figure out why it does it. I was told its a very easy fix, but I'm inexperienced when it comes to 1911 style GBB's (Glocks and M9's are my thing). Will ship with 1 Green Gas mag and 1 CO2 mag. (Pics are kinda old, but it hasn't been fired since October) Last is my KWA MAC11 (non-NS2) This is an excellent CQB primary/GBB SMG secondary. It has a beastly ROF and is built durable like an AK. Never jammed on me and never had any problems. Its kept lubed and very clean. Will ship with 2 non-leaky mags and drop-leg Tornado holster that fits it. Looking for around $120 OBO Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions/offers.
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