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  1. So the last time I used my airsoft collection was about 2014. In those 6 years, the guns have been kept in a dark, cool place, but obviously haven't been used or maintained. To prep these guns for sale, would we assume that the hop up is shot if the rubber is 11 years old? Are my batteries that have been unused for 6 years going to hold a charge? I just charged up the battery for my classic army SCAR-L (CA202P) and it seemed to shoot perfectly. In a perfect world, I would like to sell two KWA M4s (generation 1) to someone who needs a cheap starter gun. I just wouldn't want to sell something with a bunch of caveats about how well the gun would work, since the guns are ancient. Then I'd sell the CA Scar to a more experienced player because it is discontinued, really beautiful, and I would consider it rare (it isn't the sportline version, but a version that predated sportline, full metal and used to retail for about $300-400). Please let me know what kind of easy maintenance I should do to be courteous to those buying my guns when they go on sale. PS, what is the preferred means to sell guns these days? I have sold on eBay before, and I remember this facebook group I once belonged to was just full of people without any money (they would only trade you). Is there a good way to sell? I'm assuming facebook marketplace wouldn't be ideal.
  2. There is an "Airsoft Items Wanted" section on this forum that you could pose your query in. Forum members aren't really going to be looking at the New Members section expecting people to be asking for a gun.
  3. I am going to sell my two GBB pistols as I don't like depending on gas. Would it be wise for me to get an AEP like the JG/Well Scorpion or should I just get a Galaxy MP5k? Also, I've been out of the game for a few years, is the galaxy mp5 still raved about the same these days? JG/Well Scorpion, Galaxy MP5AK, or something I didn't mention that is cheaper but a great sidearm? No GBB. Thanks!
  4. Can a mod close this? I found what I was looking for. Thank you
  5. Do you have a budget for the items you are looking for? Specifically for the AEG's, because people have different guns to offer, but we don't know whether or not you're trying to spend $100 or 300+ or something
  6. I have a Classic Army Scar-L (the original, discontinued one) that is upgraded with a 6.03 barrel from EDgi, systema bucking and an SCS nub, and is wired to deans. I feel like you would be a much better owner for it than I am. I use my M4 when I play airsoft, so the Scar-L has less than 2000 bbs run through it. It's in immaculate condition, and I could include a charger, battery, and a few high cap tan mags. Let me know what you think!
  7. The brand doesn't matter to me that much, but I have always wanted a DMR. Please PM me if you have some sort of DMR (m14, SL8, something like that). I can trade: Upgraded UTG L96 Upgraded Classic Army Scar-L (discontinued now) Stock KWA M4A1 Stock KWA M93R PM me or reply here if you want details on anything I have up for trade!
  8. Would you be interested only in the VFC Scar or are you open to a Classic Army Scar-L? Mine is upgraded with a 6.03 barrel from EDgi, systema bucking and an SCS nub and is wired to deans. I could include the 9.6v battery (also wired to deans), the charger, and a couple High Cap Tan Mags. Let me know!
  9. I do have the original box, but the box isn't in pristine condition and the gun was tampered with to install dean's connectors but I could include a nunchuck battery and charger that are already dean's. So I am not sure if LNIB applies to the box as well haha.. The m93r has had maybe 250 bbs through it and I feel that that is a stretch of a number. So I would argue that it is in near-perfect condition. Thank you for all of the advice! Much appreciated.
  10. Hello all, I used to frequent this site daily, many years ago. I was always the type to research day in and day out my favorite loadouts but I never really enjoyed playing the game of airsoft as much as I enjoyed buying and building airsoft guns. So, it's been a few years, and my AEGs are in pristine condition (under 5000 bbs used in them) and I was wondering what kind of price I should ask for when selling them. Also, I have a few other questions. 1. What is the best medium to sell my old gear on? Ebay, Craig's List, paying 5 bucks to be a seller for a month on this website, etc. Which should I go with? 2. My first gun for sale would be the Classic Army Scar-L that sells for $355 but doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere. It is the heavy, older version that is not the same as the Spotline version that sells for under 200 bucks. It's got a (6.03? I think, or 6.04) barrel from EDgi, systema bucking and an SCS nub, while the rest is stock. It is wired for dean's connectors and would come with a few high cap magazines, a charger, and a 9.6v nunchuck deans connected battery. If you had to buy all of this separately I would guess that it comes to over 500 bucks but obviously I wouldn't ask for that much money. How low should I offer this package for? And can I expect any interest for an older gun that can't be bought online now (or so it seems)? 3. If I wanted to sell a KWA M93R that has less than 1000 bbs shot (sells for ~165) and a high cap magazine (sells for ~50) with some green gas canisters, it would total 225 dollars to buy separately. Do I ask for 175 or 150 or what? Thanks you in advance to anyone who helps me, I always enjoyed this site.
  11. I got one, it was a lemon.. The semi auto didnt work properly, shooting twice sometimes at one trigger pull.. The 3 burst worked, and well, shot 3 bbs.. The magazines that came with the gun were defective as well, they don't load very well at all, and even when all the way wound up you only get like 12 shots before having to rewind, which is really bad if you ask me. Im sure mine was just a lemon, its nice and hefty, has a great body and should be a good performer if you get a working one. Everyone ive talked to said you should get mid caps when you get it.
  12. Why would you do that, my hunting rifle (used for deer) is always on about 6x zoom.. with a real rifle I hope you aren't going to try and play competitively with that. its putting yourself at such a disadvantage
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