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    Currently Owned: CA SCAR CQC KWA Glock 17 JG SR-16(torn to pieces lol) Soon to own: TM 1911 (late present from Dad) previously owned: TSD G36 CA249 custom CA M15A4 CQB seal KART M14 M14 springer Palco AK-47 WE high Capa 5.1 Echo 1 M4 Matrix M16A2 Well MP7 UHC super-9 sniper(crap-tastic version) and some cheap-o's WISH LIST: CA G36 TM 1911 KWA/KSC Glock18c CA M4 Sportline
  1. Sorry Just looking for cash or Egos bump
  2. bump will sell whole package for 550 shipped
  3. BUMP willing to sell just the gun and battery for 300 shipped!
  4. sorry no trades It needs to be money
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