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  1. Fox13


    thanks for the help guys. ill email him and ask, but if anyone diffinatively knows let me know.
  2. Does the EBB RRVV (Here: http://www.ebairsoft.com/eagle-style-rrvv-hawg-p-1883.html ) come with the pouches? AND... if you must, talk me out of it, because I know a couple gear whores will read this and freak cause its not eagle industries.
  3. We all know about the craze that lipo batteries caused in the airsoft scene. But lipo batteries started there humble lives in the hobby world in RC. But, in the RC world, lipo almost always goes in conjunction with another word; brushless. Brushless motors, when paired with a lipo battery can cause innocent RC cars to rocket to speeds over 70 mph. So, why not. Why don't we bring these motors into airsoft? Is there any foreseeable problems? Could we handle the awsomeness?
  4. Fox13

    Utg L96

    In front of your trigger gaurd is a square hole. Your set pin should be flush with that hole. I have a feeling that when the gun is upright it drops down because it is loose. But when it is upside down it stays in place. See if that is your problem.
  5. I have been told that the cylinder head on the UTG MK96 is glued on. But there appears to be a pin like the VSR so I don't know. I tried using vice grips but it just scrached it. Help.
  6. Clean all of it, I prefer to use a gun cleaner and rag. Make sure the gun cleaner is ok to use on rubbers and plastics. don't use things like WD40, it eats through plastic.I wouldn't use paper towels because they leave little fibers in the grease. Just replace the grease that is on the o ring and the cylinder.
  7. I remember a while back there was a device that could plug from your battery to your rifle that would give you a 3 shot burst. I am now interested in purchasing one but am not sure where to. I think the company that made them was called airttonics but I googled them and I don't think thats what I want. PS: If anyone has one that they are willing to sell throw me a PM.
  8. I was making some silencers/suppresors for a stock MK 96 today and I had a bigger problem than the sound of the rifle. The whistle of the BB is incredibley loud. If shot near you the sound of the gun is nearly drowned out. So this means that the silencer is to alow you to be silent to other people not in the trajectory of your BB. This kinda changes the tactics of things because the guys being shot at could just comm in that they have a sniper and they will still have a vauge idea of where you are. So I made a sort of flash hider thing out of a T-style peice of PVC pipe. I drilled a small hole at the end of it so the BB would pass through but the sound would travle out the sides of the bigger holes. This causes the sound to be dispersed and hard to identify where it came from. This works especially well in high power rifles that cant be compleatly silenced. Itl looks like a round 50cal. flash hider, if you want pics PM me. Hey I would like a PM for that certin S*($&@er mod to see how it works.
  9. I don't believe it is illegal because you can buy airguns (BB guns) that have supresors on them. So I belive that it is ok. And the only thing I will say until I am sure its ok to talk about is: "baffles".
  10. Very awsome Tanka, new paint is muy bueno. Love the M24 stock and fluted barrel. Scottyevil: How sturdy is the D-Boys SPR, any external flaws to speek of?
  11. Well this wouldn't really be a partial trade but if your interested hit me up a PM: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/M16-Dmr-t129283.html Or I have a UTG 96 laying around but I dout you want that unless you were to use it as the project gun itself. BTW: I prefer oatmeal and raisin cookies.
  12. That would be black. UTG has it in Black, OD, and ACU, if you want something different.
  13. I know this is a sick rifle but please do not bump some one elses thread if you have no valuble input. SS: What about trades?
  14. People do it but it kinda ruins the sniper role because part of being a sniper is the fact that you are tactical and use your powerful, bolt action rifle to do so.
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