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  1. BUMP Grenade Pistol SOLD Aquila 40mm Grenades SOLD Minus $5 on every item EXCEPT for the patches. UPDATE!!! Since my inbox is filled with multiple PMs regarding the DD Lite rail, I'll post the response here. The only mod I did to rail itself was drill a hole for the faux gas tube and shaved the top rail a bit so it was more flush with a WE M4 upper. The barrel nut SHOULD still fit an AEG since no modding was done to that, but there are a few scratches from constantly removing and re-mounting on the receiver. Here's a pic to give you guys a better idea of what was done to it.
  2. Technically it can, but the Spec Op plate carrier (Or MBSS as it's known by the big boys, lol) works better as a standalone plate carrier as opposed to having something draped over it like the FLC. I was aiming toward something more like this: http://www.airsoftsmith.com/store/product_...roducts_id=3045 It gives you a more 'operator' like, look and would easily fill the role of adding surface area to your torso to make the FLC (or some other kind of LBV or chest rig) fit your small frame a little better. I know it seems kind of useless to have, but then again, airsoft is all about accessorizing!
  3. RULES Prices are negotiable No Lowballs Items shipped USPS Priority If you play nice, I'll play nice NO TRADES Alright I need to clear up some room in my uhh, room so I'm having another sale. S-Thunder Grenade Launcher (Short) - $35 shipped SOLD! Classic Army M203 (Short) - $65 shipped HFC Aquila 63 round grenades $35 shipped each, $60 shipped for two, $75 shipped for all 3. SOLD! Madbull Daniel Defense Lite Rail 9" (modded for GBBR fitment, PM for details) $35 shipped ACM DD 7" Omega (rough condition, Sold AS IS) $15 shipped Hey F--K Face patches $7 for the Large one $4.50 for the small ones (Discounts for multiple orders) MORE LATER!
  4. FLC's are meant to be worn over most types of body armor, but it isn't necessary to be 'combat ready' as you say. I have one and they're fully adjustable from S/M-to XXL, but I don't have any specific measurements. I'll dig mine up tomorrow so I can help you out. Judging by your pics, you're not a very big guy and the FLC may look a bit loose on you. You can buy some kind of soft armor carrier to help make it a better fit, plus it would make your loadout more legit!
  5. RULES Paypal Preferred No Trades Prices are obo No lowballs Army 1911 MEU Upgrades include: Action 150% Recoil + Hammer spring Nineball(?) Chrome Tightbore Barrel A purple hop up bucking (can't remember brand) Airsoft Surgeon tune up kit (nozzle+piston head) It will also come with 3 stock Army mags. They were lightly sanded to get rid of the anodized look, but they all function just fine. I've only used the pistol in one skirmish, and have probably fired less than 1200 rounds through it in it's lifetime through random plinking here and there. The pistol has some decent Springfield Armory trademarks on the slide, as well as some random US Army trademarks on the lower receiver (meh.) Externally, the gun looks fine with a few wear marks on some of the high contact parts. Asking $110 shipped OBO WILLING TO PART OUT ACM DD Omega rail $10 + shipping This thing is pretty beat up, selling it AS IS no screws/locking nuts. Was pink, painted black now. Madbull DD Lite RIS 9" $40 + shipping Has a bit of mods done to it to be compatible with GBBRs still pretty solid though. WE M4 GBBR lower receiver (Stripped) $30 + shipping Just the lower, no pins or anything else. Good for an open bolt conversion I guess. TM M3 Trishot Semi Working (disassembled) $20+shipping Has about 70% of the parts needed to make a complete Trishot. Good fixer upper. MORE to come later.
  6. PM = Personal Message To the OP, I have a few questions regarding the writing aspect of the magazine. What are you looking for in terms of writing experience? Will the articles be aimed at a general or a localized audience? What is the main focus of the magazine in regards to airsoft? Tech/gear reviews, field and OP synopsis, etc.
  7. Good luck with that, he still owes me $15 bucks due to a shipping error in which he was at fault. He promised a refund but never followed through.
  8. What size is the IBA? I may have a few items in CB that may interest you, depending on if your IBA is the size I need.
  9. Uhh, the King Arms Gbbr's are based on the WA system, so they can use ANY WA compatible mag (WA, G&P, etc). WE Gbbr's have a proprietary gas system, so they are incompatible with any GBBR that isn't made by their company.
  10. What kind of connector does it use? Kenwood or Motorola?
  11. I'll take the WE M4 if you've still got it.
  12. ^I'm pretty confident that the Stinger hopup in combination with my new NPAS kit will solve all of my consistency problems that I've been having since I've been slowly upgrading it from V1 since early last year. The original hop in conjunction with a non adjustable valve is causing a massive drop in FPS to the point where I can't even shoot through the side of a soda can... PS: That's a pretty sweet setup you've got in your rifle. How big of a difference does the tightbore give?
  13. I know there is a small company in Japan that made a GBB conversion for an M249 using WE AWSS Scar internals and uses old style WE mags. I saw it on gasgunsinfo forums but I cn't remember the exact site at them moment. I know there are a few vids of them on youtube I'll have to check again later
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