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    Currently own: Rifles: KWA M4 SR7 ICS L86 CA SR-25 KWA M4 CQB Pistols: KWA Glock 18 Previously Owned: Rifles: G&G UMP JG BAR-10 (x2) G&G M4 TM Sig 552 KWA M4 CA G36E Shotguns: ACM M500 Pistols: KWA M93R KWA Glock 18C KJW 1911 Tactical
  1. Would you consider parting out the magazines for the MP7? I'm interested in the two 40 round magazines specifically.
  2. How did you modify the front end like that? It looks perfect.
  3. My advice in dealing with Evike (or any online retailer) is to call up first and verify stock before making the order. Sometimes they will let you know about additional coupon codes or promotions.
  4. I think he was just trying to be clear and informative and not a jerk.
  5. I vouch for the LaRue, Sticky was making the long shots that entire game.
  6. Not if the impact of the nerf bat is only spread over an area 6mm in diameter. The "punch" of a paintball is a combination of the mass of the projectile and the area of the impact. You're exactly right, the shape of the BB completely negates any benefit derived from rifling. It would actually send the BB off in a wild direction. We rely on backspin for our range and stability. Any form of sideways rotation is what makes BBs soar off.
  7. So sector gear = SR-25 unique but the others I could get away with using V2 gears on?
  8. I had heard somewhere that one or two of the CA SR-25 gears were standard AEG gears. Anybody know the truth to this idea?
  9. I second Verisimilitude on the T-1 Micro look, I think they have great lines and would fit the form of your gun much better than an Aimpoint or EOTech.
  10. Bump for a good guy with cool stuff.
  11. If youre back down in MN around March or August, there are some great overnight Ops run just about an hour and a half or so from the metro area in Deer Park, Wisconsin. Run by a guy out at Combat Paintball .
  12. Suggest you check out CC Military Surplus. CC Military Surplus, Maplewood Theyre a bit pricey on the guns and gear, but the gear selection isnt bad.
  13. Hes going to sell a million of these. I know I want one haha
  14. I make a PVC suppressor and foam it. A LE officer seizes it and tests it for functionality. It explodes. Not a suppressor, not illegal.
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