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  1. I've got a vfc scar ssr for sale. If your interested shoot me a pm
  2. I've got a KWA 2gx- madbull daniel defense II ris, Noveske mk18 barrel/ gas block, magpul trigger guard, wired to deans plus some other goodies. Mostly looking for cash but would be open to trades depending on what you have.
  3. Medium short issued ACU's $20 for the set if your interested.
  4. not a heat sink, but I have one brand new mag midcap left if you need a mag as well. feel free to pm me
  5. I've got an ics sig 551 with a bunch of accessories brand new if your interested pm me
  6. I have at least 4 mag midcaps for sale that I started modding for the ics but didn't get around to finishing
  7. Still waiting on that shipping quote for the mp70
  8. If you'll part some items from the sig I'm interested in the mag mid caps and the scope rail. Shoot me a pm if you are.
  9. As the title states I'm looking to pickup an ICS sig 552, please do not Pm me with a Tokyo Marui, G&G, or JG, I know they are great guns, I've owned them all, but I currently am running an ICS Sig 551 so for mag compatibility reasons. Also looking for a long barrel kit preferably for the sig 551. Mag midcaps or Ics lowcaps would also be great. Have cash, but also have a completely upped ca sr25 if anyone is interested.
  10. if there are any mag midcaps left I would definately be interested in purchasing them
  11. I'd be willing to buy the rail mount for the sig if your willing to seperate things
  12. At the title states im looking for some accessories. please pm me if you have the following.... MAG Sig Midcaps Metal Scope mount For Sig 552/551/550- ICS preferred, TM, Etc. Pantac AK Chest Rig- any color but black- Khaki and Ranger Green Preferred MAP Pack for said chest rig
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