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  1. The only GBB's that I've used is my KWA G17. I think the determining factor for me about the GBB's is their functionality in cold weather.
  2. Thanks for all the information. Evike didn't specify wether it was for the closed or open bolt rifles, so I knew I should double check. Extremely glad I did now. I'll keep searching around for it...someone has to have it in stock surely... Now, my dilemma is: should I continue upgrading my kwa m4, or go for this gbbr...I want new gears, piston, motor, cyilnder head, basically new everything besides gb shell and trigger assembly. I have over 150k rounds through these gears, and about 300k on the motor. I have no idea how its still even shooting. I just recently re-shimmed it lol. What should I do ??
  3. I'm thinking about getting the WE Scar-L open bolt. Is it reliable? Is this compatible, and would it be a good upgrade for it? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=33045
  4. Because I have the TK barrel and its not aeg cut.
  5. Oh ok. I thought you had made it sound like that gas bolt shot around there. Anyone know which bucking I should get with the TM precision chamber? I can't find a chamber without a barrel.
  6. Do you feel that the TK has more range than the PDI does?
  7. Is that all the gas bolt shoots at, 350 fps? And I had just said the SP100 just to keep the wear and tear on internals down, and to make it easier to cycle if needed. Alright. With the TM Precision chamber, does that come with the hopup that I would need, or would I need another one? And I already have a SP170 spring, Polarstar spring guide, and Zero trigger piston and the orange piston that comes with it.
  8. Yeahh, but how come when the gas is stored in a KWA G17 mag, I can get near 60 shots off of it, with similar recoil and fps? Seems like the bolt should be able to hold more lol, but whatever. Just a quick question, if I wanted to increase my range with a SP100, should I get a new hopup, and use heavy bb's? Or would that not help much ?
  9. That's what I figured. And I was just thinking a gas bolt could be helpful is certain situations where movement is limited, and a simple flick of a wrist is needed to pull the bolt. True. I heard HPA is the way to go. haha. And you would really have to refill it THAT soon ? Wow thats a rip off lol
  10. lol, my price is already about that high if not higher, since I do have a Zero trigger as sniperx2s mentioned. True. Would I not be able to use a Zero trigger with a gas bolt?
  11. I'd rather not get a whole new rifle though. If that's the case, I'll just stick with the spring bolt for now. lol
  12. I'd like to convert my BAR-10 to a gas powered rifle. I realize spring is a lot easier to maintain most of the time, but I've wanted to try a gas bolt for a while now. I would prefer the gas to be held in the bolt, that way I don't have to spend extra money on new magazines as well. Is this the only gas bolt drop-in offered for the vsr/bar? http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/king-arms-cylin...vsr-10-gas.html If so, is that worth getting, is the fps adjustable, and will it render the TK twist barrel useless by coating it with *some* gases?
  13. Which of those two perform better or are they about the same? And that's a little different than the results that I got. I used a regular sheet of printer paper, and shot it at 100 feet. I forgot to mention that one shot with the SP100 spring and Madbull .30's actually missed the paper. But, shot #10 almost missed the paper as well with the SP170 and G4 .43's.
  14. Alright, I got the test shots done with the TK barrel, two different springs, and two different bb weights. I also did the tests with no hop-up, that way it is exclusively the barrel handling the shots, so to speak. All shots were done at 100 feet, from a sitting position, with the front of the gun resting on books. (I'm ordering a bipod asap) Here's the results of the SP170 spring, TK barrel, .43 gram G4 bb's, and NO hop-up. Closest grouping of those shots And here is the SP100 spring, TK barrel, .30 Madbull bb's, and NO hop-up. Closest groupings of those shots As soon as I can, I'll do more test shots with the right amount of hop-up applied, and another set of tests with the stock JG BAR-10 barrel as well, with and without hop-up, with the other bb weights and different springs, just like the other tests. EDIT: The pictures are back up.
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