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Willio JJ

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    That's Mr. SS3 to you...
  • Birthday 03/26/1995

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    Airsoft, soccer, Architecture, working on planes with my dad, bugging my sister, and hanging out with my friends.

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    VFC Scar-L AEG, Upgraded Bar10. Other random springers and what not.
  1. Lol I think some people misunderstood. I was on our schools bus (I go to a private school and we have a old charter bus as our sports bus) on my way to a soccer game that I played in. We kicked butt btw 5-0. SS3
  2. Ugg I just wanted to do this. I'm sitting on a bus right now on my way to a soccergame. Anybody else hate bussrides as much as me? I'm doing this from my iPhone btw. SS3
  3. Lol... Thats hilarious... I guarantee that somebody is gonna ask why though... SS3
  4. Scar-H DMR. I officially beasted you ALL. SS3
  5. Man the thing I love about idiots like some of you is reasoning on something you don't even own. Why don't you get one, then comment on it. We own a Macbook Air, and I got to say, it is fantastic. No dip if your wanting to play games or something, don't get an air. People who use no reasoning in arguments frustrate the out of me... SS3
  6. Dude he weighs more than me and I'm 5'10", 14, and a freshman. SS3
  7. Willio JJ


    He was half correct. About half his collection is high quality. Now THIS is high quality. ZDP-189 steel. CF in background soon to be the scales. BTW thanks Opsic. SS3
  8. Willio JJ


    Really? Why the heck can't we get one serious topic. Why do immature people come and ruin good, serious, mature threads. WHY? SS3
  9. Yes, but accuracy will be diminished just a bit. But since your going for a lightweight rig I don't think that is going to be a big deal. SS3
  10. Willio JJ


    Especially a knife the size of the mini grip with a steel that is good, not excellent. SS3
  11. A M4 profile will be fine. It's not like you will be shooting full auto or anything. SS3
  12. Screw the dragonfly. PM incoming. SS3
  13. Alright if your going for lightweight then that's definitely not the barrel for you. EOTech w/ magnifier would look oh so sick. And it's always good for a gun to be comfortable for you. I will post pics of our plain jane (my dad won't let me do anything to it) AR later on. SS3
  14. Willio JJ


    I agree. Sometimes your just paying for the name. Its the same with BM too. SS3
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