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    Classics FTW
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    Near Sacramento, CA
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    Football, paintball, fishing, airsoft, backpacking, camping, and most outdoor things

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    CURRENT -Daytona Gun AKMS -Escort MP5A5 -Sun Project M4 w/ TROY rail -KSC USP S7 -KSC MP7 w/ KWA internals PREVIOUS -VFC 416 DX -JAC M733 limited -Sun Project M16 Carbine -G&P SR16 w/ G&P SR25 front end -TM PSG1 -KSC G18c Metal slide -VFC HK416 -STAR SCAR-H -Insanely upgraded CA SL9 -KA M16 w/ Systema M150 drop in -CLASSIC ARMY AK-74 -CLASSIC ARMY AUGA1 -SRC G36E -CA M14 Scout -G&P M4 -Many various brands of M16s and random GBBs

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About Me

The name is Cory.

I love airsofting and painballing on the weekends and hanging out with friends.

If its a gun . . . then I like shooting it.

I love going backpacking and fishing. Most outdoor things intrest me.

I play several sports but now focus mostly on playing football at my high school. But I still find a little time for golf here and there.

Cars are another hobby of mine. My dad and I are currently restoring a '64 Chevy Malibu.

Green Bay Packers are the best.

Yeah thats pretty much me. . .


Yeah, the personal picture is of me paintballing. I don't have any pictures of me airsofting.

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