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  1. Title says it all, I'm testing the waters on my Upgraded Sun Project M4. It doesnt see as much use as I had expected since I got my Asahi. So I'm seeing if there is any intrest. Gun shoots very well and is insanely solid. Sights, some Magpul parts, and QD not included External: Custom Flat-top TROY 9in rail (real one, not a replica) AEG spec'd buffer tube with 5 stock positions (I believe its 5) Foam filled suppressor with H&K 9mm trademarks Internal: Steel buffer screw 3rd oring mod in valve Adjustable hop-up Work was done by airsoftshak I'm looking for $750 Shipped Gun will not come with the MOE stock, XTMs, or AFG. It will come with the Magpul MIAD, the 2 P-mags, 3 G&P mids and 2 MAG mids. If you want all the Magpul parts you can throw me an offer, but I would prefer to keep them. I am always open to offers, so don't hesitate to ask questions or throw offers my way, however I will not part out I am always intrested in trades: (Preferably upgraded with an LRB or the like) JAC ARs (Must be DX/Limited) Upgraded JACs Asahi ARs Asahis in general Sheriff guns Nice classics in general Some GBBRs Not looking for Escort MP5s, I've already got one, and not looking for upgraded GBB pistols. I am not intrested in AEGs either unless its somthing unique, say a RS SVD, upgraded TM PSG1, or somthing along those unique lines. Thanks for looking! ... There Kav, I posted it haha
  2. What about recoil? :p But then again, those RS SVDs are so nice I could make an exception. I had talked to DG about making a kit for a RS SVD. They said it was doable for $700+gun. But the wait is what got me. I don't want to wait 3 months for one to be completed.
  3. Only problem with the RS SVD is it goes pewpewpew ;) /gasguns fanboy.
  4. Color me purple. G&P did make a spring version. And its in stock. Hm. Quite intresting. Thanks for link Tobi! Also, I don't believe the G&P Gas version was ever made for skirmishing. I believe it was a collector's piece only. I believe there were some sucessful attempts at installing SCS's in them, similar to the ones in classic rifles.
  5. They werent even close to that brand new, so I dunno where you'd ever get a buyer for 1100.
  6. Well, if you know the value of them and have had 4 of them, what did the others sell for? And why did the one on arnies not sell for 1500? He had it at 225Euros and it sold. If you want to keep it up at 1500, then go ahead. But no moron is going to buy an AtoZ SVD for $1500. Honestly a real Russian current issue POSP isnt worth a pinch of beans either. You can get them new for $150 if you know where to look, stateside as well. Those listed on EHA are AtoZ SVDs. They are not rip offs. I've asked EHA about them, a reputable dealer would not sell knock offs. G&P SVDs were GBBs made by G&P. Most people have come to the conclusion that they are converted Chinese NDM86s due to the finish quality and the tooling, and the trademarks on them. The only SVDs that are worth a lot are the PDI SVDs, Escort SVDs, and the G&P SVDs. The AtoZ is not worth a lot. Period. A used Real Sword SVD will go for more than an AtoZ. If this was a PDI or Escort SVD, $1500 would be resonable. (PDI and Escort SVDs are external air GBBs) A G&P SVD with 3 mags and in functioning condition sold for $1200 on Classicairsoft.net recently.
  7. Its a nice gun but being a Gen1 doesnt mean anything special for the A to Z. These guns are not as rare as everyone thinks they are. Put up a WTB add on arnies if you really want one, because they really arent that hard to find. Normally I would PM this information instead of being a , but I feel this should be a post because this should be known that its not super rare. I don't believe you paid anywhere close to $1500 for it either. Secondly This Which is indeed the A to Z, the EXACT same gun as you have, the only difference is these handguards are plastic. You have a wood kit on yours and some small upgrades. Here's an example of one listed on arnies for 225Euro, and a scope included. http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...howtopic=184789 These are indeed beautiful pieces, one of the nicest guns I've used before, so don't get me wrong.
  8. An LRB stands for long range barrel, it has a sloping bore and has grooves inside it, this way the barrel acts as a long hopup. It is fixed so you must use .28s .3s etc. It can't be installed in an aeg. Only in classics. More info on classicairsoft.net Edit: ninja beat me
  9. During the 90s, the Japanese economy wasnt exactly doing great. It was in the Shitter to be exact. Those classic companies like JAC, Asahi, toytec, etc bit the dust. The TM AEG was also cheaper than the external rig gas guns, so that had a fair bit to do with it as well. I believe Asahi still does small jobs here and there, Escort seems to be making guns still, but selling them really only in Japan.
  10. Being an Escort/Classic user myself, this is highly appealing. Please keep us updated as I will pick one instantly. By any chance did you take some of your motivation from the Bullet Valve system? I'm very impressed. Any idea on release dates or price? PM inbound.
  11. 1. I could add depending on what you want.
  12. I do have a KSC MP7 with KWA MP7 internals, however, I will have to think a bit on that one as I love that gun to death. I can offer up my Daytona Gun AKMS though. I've got a few Escort replicas already, so one less one hurt. Lemme know.
  13. Define sexy trades. I have quite a lot. Upgraded VFC 416, Daytona Gun AKMS, etc. Lets get some pics as well. Thanks.
  14. Normally I PM this sort of info, but I feel it should be public, being a classic user myself. :) What brand is the LRB? Is it an original or a custom built one by an airsmith? Prices/estimates are a little off as well. The market for classic items as well as their value has bottomed out. I bought my JAC Limited M733 for $300 (completely stock and in mint condition) For those who are unfamiliar, JAC made 4 different levels, the worst being an Export Model (EX), next being Standard, then Deluxe (DX), and the Limited was at the top. The Export was complete crap and the Standard wasnt far behind. The limited and DX models both had upgraded internals and full metal bodies, the limited having a unique serial number and a few other internal upgrades over the DX. Maybe I missed it, but are the mags the metal tubing version or plastic? Mags that have metal tubing run about $40ish give or take $5. You will have much better luck selling it on www.classicairsoft.net Anyway, good luck with your sale and IMHO, there isnt any better classic Armalite out there. For those that are considering this, it doesnt get much better. I loved my JAC limited and kick myself for trading it away. If I wasnt picking up an Escort MP5 I'd have some intrest in this.
  15. sl8cb

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    It was a 10hr ban too. Not sure why he flipped. I guess I'm an "abusive" mod. lol.
  16. sl8cb

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    The irony is killing me inside.
  17. Or your parents money for that matter. ;) take it as a joke Anywho, finish the PRIME build and sit tight for awile. You're going through the gas gun craze. It will pass in a bit. Just look at the price and it will turn you down a bit. BTW: why would you never touch a WA? Even the PRIME is a WA system (obviously slightly different in dimensions)
  18. I agree, leave it as is if I were you. Definitly one of the best ARs I've seen. Best LR300 I've seen period. Great looking gun man.
  19. QFT. So far I've had a JG GBBR, and a highly upgraded AGM M4 GBBR. And now, a G&P WOC SR15 on the way. The aftermarket support makes the WA in my opinion the best option out there. And as a sidenote, IF you're going to get a GBBR, don't do it half-assed, or you'll be dissapointed. The WE is a great option also, cheaper mags, a strong company behind it, its a closed system which normally makes your gun a little more consistent. I was often frustrated at my upgraded AGM when I was skirmishing alongside a guy running a WE M4 and another running a WE SCAR. Both guns were consistent shooters, my AGM did shoot farther, but shots varied in distance. They do not have the conistency that AEGs do, every once and awile you'll get an off shot, but when people bring up they can't shoot as far, its complete bull. Some aftermarket hop-up units for WA systems allow the use of h-nubs, AEG buckings, and AEG tightbores, the same set-ups AEGs use. Mags will hurt to buy, although some like the 5KU mags are decent, and cost about $35. For me, buying a GBBR brought even more fun back for airsofting. Also the reasoning why I have started getting into classics. They are just flat out more fun to use. It turns heads, and for people who havn't seen them before, it seems to add a little intimidation. Maybe not for more expierienced/older players, but younger ones for sure. I've heard great things about the KJW also. Never personally seen one. CA, KA, KWA, and another company (I forget the name) are coming out with GBBRs. CA and KA being WA based.
  20. Upgraded TM Hi-capa 5.1 More info and sale add can be found HERE G&P WOC SR15 URX Med is on the way and should be here next week. :D
  21. CLASSICS! :D Sun Project M16 Carbine and JAC limited M733.
  22. Wow, havn't seen this thread in awile. I should post some more recent guns of mine. I gotta go take some pics! I'm 6'3" and 155lbs, I'm fat. Haha. Obvious troll is obvious. XD Nice looking gun there joey!
  23. Haha. Yeah, I've been debating also on whether to switch to WE. Those 416s are so tempting, its hard to resist. On a side note, my Sun Project should be here tommorow. So pics will be up tommorow.
  24. If anyone wants the AGM GBB M4, lemme know. I have it listed up. http://www.gasguns.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2998 Need money for an air rig for my Sun Project and my JAC.
  25. Gun looks damn good. Great job on it. I personally think the reflex sight looks great.
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