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    I've practiced Muay Thai and Sambo for 5 years. I also like to backpack and camp. I am an Eagle Scout and am active in my local Boy Scout troop. I sing in two different choirs and have sang at Carnegie Hall and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I act in my community theatre and am a member of the International Thespian Society. I also am an ameteur skateboarder and I'm an experienced snowboarder (Zoo York board, Venture trucks, Seedy Lunatic wheels and Burton Cruzer snowboard, Saloman bindings, Burton boots).

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    Currently: Classic Army G3 SG1 , KWA M9 PTP, Tanaka M500 S&W. Passed owned: Atoz SVD, Classic Army HK33E, WE 1911, A&K M4 S-System, Tokyo Marui Thompson, AGM MP40, Tokyo Marui MK23, CAW M79, Echo 1 M14 SOCOM.
  1. That's what I figured. I'll probably just wind up dropping coin on a WOC in the next month or so finally. Oh well...
  2. I've noticed that a few Asian retailers like WGC, UnCompany and ehobbyasia started carrying an Umarex MP5 GBB. I've been looking at getting an MP5 GBB for a while, but the only ones available were the Escort ones which were rare, difficult to skirmish, and expensive. Does anyone have any info about them? I tried looking up official information on the OEM website but I can't find much. How long have they been on the market? Does anyone on here own one and can comment on it's performance? Or it's availability or compatibility with upgrade parts? I have a hard time spending $400 on a gun with hardly any information available. Lastly, will any stateside retailers be selling this anytime soon? Thanks for the feedback if anyone knows anything.
  3. scoutthedoggie has some of the best footage I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/user/scoutthedoggie I've been watching his vids for years.
  4. Don't get pistols. They're of far more limited use than their worth outdoors. I would go with something like Drift King said. JG M16/M4 would be great. I would say M16 over M4 because full stock can hold larger batteries, better bang for buck in my opinion. Armalite is better because there are more parts available, and JG are TM clones, which are the most common parts out there. Sharing mags is easy, and again, mags are common. Plus, if your members want to, they can easily modify the rifles to their particular liking. Post more information so we can better recommend things for you.
  5. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pistols-gbb-smg...stol-black.html Never rule out Asia! They also have the Mk3 and Mk4 too at this time.
  6. +1. I'd say a TM or a KSC/KWA is the best pistol I've ever used or owned. I've never had a WA now that I think about it... Might need to get on that.
  7. If I'm not mistaken its a NBB (Non-BlowBack), so the bolt doesn't cycle externally with each shot, thus making it quite different from other GBBR's (Gas-BlowBack Rifle) It won't really prepare you for getting a higher end GBBR since it lacks many common features on a G&P, WA, WE, GHK, etc, simply making you less familiar with their systems. gorbasho on the forums here is known to build and sell G&P Challenge Kits at the same cost you would buy one from Evike. Cool thing about Challenge Kits, which aren't usually seen as a good thing, is the internal build quality isn't that high compared to a normal WOC, so it'll force you to learn how to troubleshoot, replace, and upgrade parts. While the price may be tempting, it probably won't be what you want or are expecting. I'm considering getting a G&P CK to learn and tinker with in my free time.
  8. Nobody mentioned HFC134a, more commonly known as "duster gas." Depending on the weight of the components in the gun being moved, you can use canned air typically used to clean computers as propellant. I've used it in the past and use it in guns with more delicate parts (a-la most guns made in Japan) without any significant issue. Since I work for a major computer retailer I can usually get about 10 bottles or so for a little over $3, making it a good value. The stuff isn't even that expensive anyway, I can't remember what the regular retail is for it off the top of my head. I'm not sure how heavy the bolt for the LM4 is, but I have a hard time believing it would work since I wasn't ever able to effectively use it in any KSC/KWA gun I owned since they traditionally have heavy internals and stiff recoil springs. Also, my local CQB arena doesn't allow propane either for the fact that if an inspector comes to visit the premises and smell propane, they can shut down the whole facility, possibly even permanently due to explosive or health hazards, regardless if it was being used in guns or not. Propane is used so irresponsibly in airsoft in my opinion, so I have no problems at all for paying a little bit more for a bottle of GG.
  9. My local shop imports Gen4 WE G17's. My buddy just bought one about a month ago or so. His distributor sends him a shipment of the lower half of the gun, and then a shipment of the upper half and he just puts the pieces together. I would definitely look at a KSC just for the realism factor, TM isn't an exact 1:1 model. The WE is okay, my friend has had his die on him more than a few times due to some fluke workmanship issues, nothing major though. While I've never owned the full frame models, I've had a KWA/KSC G23F and was impressed with it until I sold it. For what it's worth, the model I owned wasn't System7/NS2, it was several years back.
  10. Pictures of the internals would help. Also seeing the magazine near the knocker.
  11. Thanks! My CQB place is semi auto only, but having almost 50 rounds per magazine is pretty sweet. I can usually get two full mags off before I have to refill gas on semi auto. On full auto, it can deplete a magazine in about 2-3 seconds. It consumes way more gas on full auto. A disciplined trigger finger can use it effectively on full auto though. You can reach targets out about 100ft in decent conditions. My local CQB place has a generous FPS limit of 315 on .25g, but most places might not tolerate the power. It's really reliable and cheap for a KWA sub machine gun. I got mine used with 2 mags for $105. It has yet to let me down.
  12. My buddy had a similar problem. He was using WD40 to lube his gun, we lubed it with silicon and it worked after that. Make sure you dilute your propane with silicon. you'll ruin your magazines and your gun otherwise.
  13. Here's a couple quick shots of my CQB gun. Quick rundown: KWA M11A1 NS2 Magazines x4 Hello Kitty sticker bomb is for lulz. Gets lots of attention from other people. Definitely a great gun. I'll update this a little later if I have time to add better photos.
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