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    I've practiced Muay Thai and Sambo for 5 years. I also like to backpack and camp. I am an Eagle Scout and am active in my local Boy Scout troop. I sing in two different choirs and have sang at Carnegie Hall and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I act in my community theatre and am a member of the International Thespian Society. I also am an ameteur skateboarder and I'm an experienced snowboarder (Zoo York board, Venture trucks, Seedy Lunatic wheels and Burton Cruzer snowboard, Saloman bindings, Burton boots).

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    Currently: Classic Army G3 SG1 , KWA M9 PTP, Tanaka M500 S&W. Passed owned: Atoz SVD, Classic Army HK33E, WE 1911, A&K M4 S-System, Tokyo Marui Thompson, AGM MP40, Tokyo Marui MK23, CAW M79, Echo 1 M14 SOCOM.
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