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  1. Looking to buy a MagPul MOE Stock, can be an ACM clone. Needs to be in FDE. Also looking for MagPul midcaps for M4 series. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  2. Straight forward, I'm looking for the following Magpul items. Can be ACM versions. Sooner the better. All in Dark Earth: -MOE M4 Motor Grip -MOE M4 Stock -Vertical Grip for RIS Also looking for any Dark Earth rail covers. Thanks.
  3. Bump. No trades at this time. Don't want to part the launcher unless someone buys gun first.
  4. 1. Sold as is, no returns. 2. Paypal only, unless local pick up where cash is accepted. 3. Prices do not include shipping. 4. Message me for questions. 5. No holding of items, first to pay will own the item. G&G UMP 45: $240 Very solid gun. Decent rate of fire on 7.4, but starts shooting ropes on an 11.1. One of the best sounding gearboxes, very clean. Gun has been well built by previous owner to be a good indoor gun and can hold its own on the field. Everything on the gun functions correctly. Do not have a parts list but know that it has had plenty of work done and shows when it shoots. Wired to deans. Comes with 9 mags (have to double check). 2 Hi-caps with at least 6-7 Mids. Classic Army M4; $130 Just kind of ended up with this from a local guy outa the blue. Ugly paint in my mind. Good for a project. Metal body. Comes with an M203. I don't have a shell to test but the firing pin seems to work just fine. Rail is loose, needs adjustment and alignment. Gun cycles and shoots, just needs TLC. Will include second CA upper receiver.
  5. SPF: CA M4 Rail Covers AR-15 Mount MOE Handguards
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