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  1. No, We are just friends. I never had a P90.
  2. That is not always bad. But is is a bummer because my vest doesn't get any tighter, but it is acceptable.
  3. Okay, Wert let me borrow his blackside, but it makes the gun extremely front heavy It is the Airsoft G.I. G4 - A5 16Sp My Gun Almost, My Gun
  4. I did not know airsoft G.I. sold IBH's. Could you send me a link?
  5. Hey, I just got the go pro HD, it is so sick, I am going to buy the actual helmet mount, How have yours preformed in the field, Damage? How about the weight on the helmet?
  6. Thanks for the advice, I will take it into consideration. I have seen the rolled up sleeves all over Camp Pendelton.
  7. How do you like those boots?
  8. Hey, the pmc load out looks good, but your hydration pouch is way to low. Sub scribe, and pm me on youtube, and I will a make a vid for you. My Youtube Channel
  9. I like the look of them. I turn to the right and the mag slides into the pouch. At the same time, I am grabbing a mag with my left hand....
  10. It is supposed to be put over the goggles when not using them. ex. in-between games. Yes, I do need boots, what is a pair you recommend for under 50$? You slide zip ties horizontally through the slots on the sides, then vertically through the vest webbing, and through the other zip ties.
  11. Okay, well in the video the mags work after the magwell mod. In some of the mags to compensate for the spring, I put 10 bb's in the bottom.
  12. Hello, I have a G4 - A5 16Sp. I also bought a box of mag midcaps. When I put them in, the did not feed well. Did the same happen to you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvPY-nrwCv4 EDIT: I like the look of your gun, but the fore-grip looks pretty far forward.
  13. This seems like thread jacking. This was not a picture request thread. You could have simply posted your own topic and linked us to it. Or, you could have done that and pm'ed him.
  14. I like them. No it is a tactical dress shirt from BDU.com. Go. Nope, it is not too tight. Tactical Pants and shirt from BDU.com. If it isn't then your goggles fog.
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