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    I got too many to list so I'll put down my guns in use: 1. Upgraded JG HK614 (Quiet, Accurate and Powerful) 2. ARMY R47 1911 MEU 3. DE M56c
  1. But he could get an Airsoft awareness program for the local Walmart, I wasn't talking about what they have in stock, just a small program or something. Like the one I did back in High School.
  2. Guys I can't stress how important it is to keep your gun in a case or bag. It doesn't matter if there are cops around or not. It shows that Airsoft players are responsible. Thats why most arenas or fields or stores require you come in with your replica in a case or bag.
  3. The VFC SCAR is your best bet of the three, it's the best out of the box. But the Masada can be very sexy if you work on it. I still have an A&K M4 S-System. Mine is about 5 years old though. I've never upgraded it though. I would suggest upgrade to a new gun enitrely and keep that as a back up like I do.
  4. When I feel like having a challenge I use spring pistols. Especially in CQB. That's about it though
  5. You know actually I think you would be better off talking to local store owners about this concern, Walmart will not care unless you have at least a 1000 people behind you. Peferably share holders. So it would be much easier to convince a local Walmart owner to see your point. And you'd still at least need 5 guys behind you there. I'm all in for your proposal it's just you have to think small first. Create ripples before you create a tsunami.
  6. For the sake of looking professional I normally wear some sort of plate carrier, normally I just put card board in them to make them look good and nor for protection. But lately ive been running with fake plates cause it came with the vest haha
  7. It's worth like five bucks, I wonder if he was talking about double eagle, which still makes it worth five bucks
  8. I think I've heard of these from a few years back, they are crap LPEGs
  9. Welcome to the site! I'm curious how raiders would stand up The Legion haha ;)
  10. Real quick, it's a BB not a bullet. I'm not trying to be nazi its just some people might take it the wrong way ya know? You'd be shooting in the 380-400 area I believe
  11. I just reread his post, I now realize he is using a belt. My mistake! Haha If you're using a belt just follow what WeeGee said and you'll be fine
  12. The problem with that setup is that you don't have waist support or whatever so that all the weight is on your shoulders. For the first hour or two you should be ok, but after extended use you will notice it cutting into your shoulders. Trust me I know this the hard way.
  13. The deal with the AK74 is that if you want to use it for CQB you'd have to downgrade the spring. It shoots 400+ FPS, most arenas shoot around 330 maybe 350 tops. So you'd have to drop more money to make it CQB legal. For this reason alone I'd recommend the 47 and get some pistol later or something.
  14. Sniper did you take into effect the 8mm BBs in Airsoft? So technically that would hurt more correct? Because of the increased mass and surface area if I'm right
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