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  1. Valken tactical .36g bios are white. I burnt through a bottle today.
  2. Greetings. I am not interested in jg g3s, only in G&G models. I also am only interested in the shorter variants of the G3, namely the SAS version and the FS51 version. Doesnt matter to me if the gearbox is not working as this will be a project gun. Externals however must be in good condition. Regardless, I am very open to offers so don't hesitate to make one.
  3. I find high ROF useful for stopping people from using bushes as cover and negating the effects of wind. More realistic. The Dr setting is what will affect accuracy most as it is the setting that dictates how long the nozzle waits in battery before firing air into the barrel. Generally this should be set higher than stock if you are using heavier BBS.in my case I could see a noticeable reduction in fliers and tighter burst patterns the higher the setting went. Also please get some covers for the quick disconnects and tank fill nipple. Debris can mess with the solenoids and hurt tuning attempts.
  4. Actually in an open field, or very spread out woodland. Where you need suppressive fire Just to move and a lot of ammo to hit distant target and punch through bush. Having only 25 rounds pretty much garuntees you will be hating airsoft at the end of the day.
  5. Hey guys, I usually play at a private field located in an area between Hemet and Menifee. The field is private, the owner having let airsoft and paintball players use the land for years. For the longest time the number of players has been dropping, and my group and I would really like to bring it back to the old glory days when we could get 20+ people out there on a Sunday afternoon. Field is free. Not many rules. If you run a high fps gun(400+) then it must be kept semi, Minimum engagement for all guns is 15ft which gets longer the higher your fps goes. No caps on ROF, just don't hose anyone. Be polite. Post here if your interested so I can get a head count and exchange contact info. The field is off the intersection of Simpson Road and Beeler. Heavy forested area. The next game coming up is this Sunday(November 10), at 2, and it goes till dark. Though your welcome to get there sooner. I personally will be there two or earlier.
  6. I dig it, might do this one day when I get a revolver.
  7. Dremel or xacto knife. Then superglue that spring.
  8. Not my business too dictate how others live their lives. Thus the only real way to ask if gay marriage should be legalized is if it is of utility to the state. Oh look, gays adopt kids who would otherwise be sharted out of a broken foster care system. Ooooooooooooooook then, utility proven. Next case please. I tend to favor conservative governments. Conservative in that goverments purpose is not to tell you how to live, its not to make you better or more moral(thats a theocracy, see Iran), its not supposed to make you worse, or force you to live according to someone elses dreams. Its purpose is too govern which here means to set a maximum ceiling so that as we act upon our various liberties we do not step on each others toes.
  9. The performance gap comes from the communities of players. The p* community pushed heavy bb's. While the mainline airsoft community doesn't make a concerted effort to push anything except perhaps safety. Any fool could see what was coming. Of particular annoyance to me is that the joule problem finally becomes an issue when teh tankz an hozes guns come out, even though gas blow back rifles, gas sniper rifles, classic airsoft guns, gas pistols, etc have been perpetuating joule creep for years. If balance is the point of airsoft then we should start playing exclusively with bone stock Tokyo Maruis. That way we can all focus on looking the part.
  10. The firebase regulator is regarded as the best. Built specifically for airsoft applications in mind. Aka 2-liter is the second best.
  11. I don't know what you mean about being tethered and yanking it in the wrong place. Rigs are stupidly simple and quite durable. The line and fittings are rated to withstand high psi, they are pretty much fire and forget. Urpeacekeeper on arniesairsoft had rigged his WOC m16a4 too hpa. The reloads where quick, so long as the fittings are self sealing, all you had to do was pop off the line, reload, and snap the line back on. Since this is going to be a dmr your not going to need to do a fast reload..and if your opponent is that close to you that you do need to reload that quick then you shouldn't be shooting them with a hot gun in the first place. HPA is really the way to go, if not for consistency then for the sake of being able to tune your fps. But to each their own. Why not just make like AEG upgrading. Buy the gun and work on the barrel group, drop some .4s in and see how it performs. If is still not consistent enough then consider trying hpa. Also, ir-hop that b*tch.
  12. Yup, g&g bucking with mound removed should work. Also use .28s or .3s.
  13. Not a whole lot of resistance, fairly easy to move. Im going to try putting a shim under the mag seal..at least until I can get a new mag to compare.
  14. So I bought a used kmp9 on the cheap about a year ago, and it functions pretty well and is holding strong thanks to some of the reliability mods that were suggested. However its one downfall is the gas efficiency, which to be honest sucks. There are no leaks, it just does not get through a single magazine of somewhat rapid fire without slowing down or full out screeching to a halt. Full auto is just...no. This stands in stark contrast to users reporting at least 2-3 full magazines of full auto before the gas ran dry. One review had it at 4-5. So what gives? I fill the sucker properly with propane, its not lacking in the lubrication department. .30g bb's, no leaks, propane can is fresh, blah blah blah. Really my only idea is that A) The hammer valve(what the hammer hits to release the gas?) shoots some propane out when depressed..but I've been told by the kwa forums that this is normal. Or B) The seal that connects the mag to the airnozzle/gas cylinder is not doing its job. The seal doesn't look worn however, no tears or burrs. Could it just not be pressing up against the nozzle properly?
  15. The fusion was not meant to replace aeg's and was designed by polarstar for the niche performance market in airsoft. That is; people who wanted high fps and/or high rof setups coupled with reliability and the capability to be fine-tuned. It should perform similarly too an aeg at comparably normal field standards, and outrun them in high stress setups. The boost in effective range your seeing is due to the consistency of the system. It also hucks heavier bb's more efficiently. Remember how you get joule creep in a gas gun when you use heavier bbs? Thats why I tend to be wary-a polarstar shooting 395/.20 may increase the energy output of a heavier bb such that it technically breaks the field limit. Which is why I run mine at 370/.2s, as I remember correctly this gives me 1.5joules with a .30g bb which is equal too 400/.2. Make sure your team is aware of joule creep so they can adjust accordingly. Also in regards to fairness, this isn't an fps or rts video game, who cares about balance? However, think about this critically, an upgraded 1.5j aeg with proper hop(r-hop and heavy ammo) should be able to hit effectively at 250ft and suppress out to even more. A polarstar assuming all things equal should get about the same. The problem is that people suck at techwork and their aegs may not be performing to potential.
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