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  1. I'm launching a new initiative, check out Milsim Airsoft Cadre on Facebook! Milsim Airsoft Cadre - intent: I grew up playing airsoft, and still enjoy hitting big ops that are worth taking days off and traveling. I don't get out to play locally, because weekends off are precious and are reserved for life's priorities or a few major events a year. The last few ops I've been to, I've had the pleasure of jumping into squads with some great airsofters, but the cohesion and bond with a team was missing. Enter MAC. I'm launching MAC to create a group of law enforcement and military airsofters to run together at national level milsim events. I want to pull together a group of players from around the country, so that every event has a MAC squad, group of hard chargers who know how to have fun. I want to create a group that represents the best sportsmanship, attitude and mentorship airsoft has to offer. As MAC gets traction, I also want to build in an additional aspect, exploiting weekend fun for training value. AARs and helmet cam footage, to analyze tactics carryover from real life to airsoft, reinforcement of weapons manipulation and marksmanship principles and practicing situational problem solving. I'd like to think I've got a kickass idea here, and I'm excited to get the ball rolling.
  2. Seeing as you don't seem to have any bites, can I tempt you with an EI one in CB?
  3. Seeing as you don't seem to have any bites, can I tempt you with an EI one in CB?
  4. DTS pants are M/R. TACOs and all other gear is real unless noted.
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