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    Tanaka SAA x 3 Nickel,Black, and Civilian Mauri M4 x3 Mauri SIG P226 WA Prokiller Mark II Mauri MP5PDW KSC USPC KSC USP Tan Desert Eagle Cyma AK47 Custom M16 DMR CA SR25 TM Night Warrior ICS GLM CA AR10 N4 P* E1 M240B P* ARES KAC LMG P* VFC KAC PDW
  1. WOW. OMG You have so many SRs'! YOU MUST LOVE THE KAC LOL
  2. I've emailed both companies and just awaiting reply. I didn't see this part in their catalog so I hope they have this part still from a parts gun they have. I just don't want to buy another LMG just for barrel swaps.
  3. Where can I buy a complete outer barrel with hopup and innerbarrel for an ARES LMG?
  4. Stick with the P* at least you can control the volume of air and rate of fire and etc. Plus if something happens there are techs readily available. The FE is more popular too.
  5. I'm just lazy at swapping nozzles. cause you cant really go from red nozzle to shoot <AT> 400fps .20 unless youre below 80psi and that runs into malfunctions. btw, a few more weeks my m240 comes back pics to come!
  6. ^ is that the Socom Gear VTAC base gun?
  7. I agree I'm scratching the multiple uppers and just having multiple P* cause its that awesome!
  8. OK, here's a better picture and finished product. Changed the outer barrel, suppressor, scope, and added more xtm. Hope you likey.
  9. It's a get what you pay for type of gun. Out of the box shoots great! It's quiet especially with the PTS AAC suppressor! I don't think I'll be buy anymore aeg's and upgrading nor will I build an aeg from the ground up anymore as it's too expensive. This gun is awesome! I will say I have one problem. It only likes to take beta project p mags.
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