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  1. BUMP prices are all negotiable!
  2. BUMP accepting trades for any MP5's or M16
  3. Up for sale is my JG M4. The gun itself is in good condition and firing great. There are a few blemishes on the bod any buffer tube but nothing much. The gun shoots about 330 FPS and is accurate up to about 120ft + and has a pretty good ROF to it. The rails I got off my buddies JG M16 so they are a bit of a tight fit but work perfectly with the gun and I can guarantee they wont ever fall off plus he made me a home made rear sight that work very good as well Upgrades: Systema Hop-up (I well give you G&G hop-up with it if you want) DBS 6.01 inner boar barrel Accessories: Echo1 PEQ2 3 small type battery Leapers Swat Force red dot sight. home made rear sight Front grip G&G tactical Pistol grip (super comfy!) Side Rail covers Dual Mag clip two mags 6000 KSC .20g BBs well give the old carbine barrel covers to switch with the rails when you want to. (laser is not included) PICS Asking price is going to be $235. pm me for negotiations
  4. I was wondering if this barrel would be any good for my jg m4?
  5. ok here's the deal. ive been wanting a m4 for a long time and no longer have a need for my ics mp5 a2 v3. so I was looking for any m4 owners especially echo 1 m4 owners out there that would wnat to trade for my ics mp5 a2 v3. I will provide details and pics upon request and WILL NOT SHIP FIRST WHAT SO EVER. ( my dad wont let me do trades unless the other ships first)
  6. I am still very interested so pm me if you would like to make the trade.
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