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  1. Its in Dawesonville. Address: Old Towne Rd; Dawsonville Ga. 30534
  2. If you wish to advertise, please purchase a sponsorship package. Thanks, DM Hackle Forum Administrator
  3. now that they know about the staff room, guess we'll have to ban/kill them...
  4. You said that in the vegas room, I can link the post, but then it wouldn't have stayed in "vegas."
  5. 60 is about average. Depends on the day really, but there will never be a day no one is there.
  6. I have edited the thread to remove any personal information from the public eye. Please black out other's full names, adresses, phone numbers, etc before posting. This is just a precaution we have to take. If you wish to send the moderating staff evidence that contains personal info, please PM me or Airborne101 a private message and rest assured we will review it and will not share your personal information. All deleted material from this thread has been saved for access by the administrators.
  7. I'd like to say that the staff is currently working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, I'd like to request two things: Most Importantly, anyone who has any documentation or information to send this info to either airborne101 or myself if you have not already done so. Records of communication both on and off ASF are vital to solving issues such as these. Secondly, anyone who does not have any firsthand experience in dealing with leonandlein, I would like to ask not to post in this thread to cut down on clutter. Thanks
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