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  1. Is that just grease on your motors gear, or are the teeth messed up already?
  2. If you're looking to spend a bit of money, a KWA would probably be great for you since it doesn't seem like you are going to be doing much upgrading. If you don't want to spend much, a G&G combat machinge, or cheaper jg model would be decent (assuming ar style). CYMA ak's are also good
  3. the stock G&G barrel is already a tight bore. Not the highest quality tight bore, but I left mine stock when I built my DMR and it worked just fine. There really isn't a need for a new hop up since the G&G m14 hop up unit is mostly metal to begin with. Its also not a normal m14 hop up, its an aug style hop up. I really wouldn't run a stronger spring on stock G&G motor if you choose to go this route. It should do ok at best with probably some meh trigger response and ROF. Also wouldn't need a new spring guide since the stock one is metal and has a bearing-ish washer on it I personally think that the G&G m14 is the best m14 model mainly because it was designed to be taken down sooooooooo much easier, and aside from the gearbox shell and I think the cylinder head(can't remember if it uses a v7 head or not), it uses v2/v3 parts. It also has some other nicer cosmetic features like a bolt catch that works, and just an overall better fit and finish, except for that heat shield. My god that thing is awful. If you're on a budget, the cyma is great, but if you are upgrading it, a new spring guide would be necessary since the stock one sucks, and probably a new piston and piston head.
  4. how do you plan to shoot from there accuratel, much less have a camera system that can transmit well enough for you to see anything that you are shooting at from that high up or see anything at all. My dad is a professional photographer and his go-pro drone cost upwards of 4,000 after he got the stabilizer and a good enough camera and connections system that he can see basically anything from it
  5. Really? when did that change. Im pretty sure that the Combat Machine's come with 8mm bushings
  6. if I see something like that flying around, im going to absolutely stop what im doing and shoot at it as will pretty much everybody else
  7. you'll be fine with any of the higher end guns. If you don't want to do anything to it get a kwa sr-12, throw a scope and some tan paint and you're done. If you want to upgrade and tinker, G&G, G&P and most of the high end brands will be fine
  8. I have yet to see a gun shooting at normal field limits that runs off CO2(unless its some HPA rig or something else DIY). I had an M9 a while back that shot around 420fps and had no hop up. If you get extra mags for guns like this, the CO2 cartridge stays in the grip of the pistol usually and the mag's are a tiny stick that are easy to loose and the feeding mouth gets bent in pretty easy causing feeding problems. A buddy of mine had a GBB CO2 that was either a glock or S&W that he got at dicks, but that was WAAAAYYYY back, probably like 6 or 7 years ago, and it broke pretty quick because of how hot CO2 runs and how hard it blows back. Just do yourself a favor and get a GBB. They are a lot more fun and you can use them way more places
  9. motor could be dead. Have you tried any other batteries with it? With the shimming have you made sure that all the gears spin freely when you close the gearbox and tighten a few screws? It might seem fine but tightening the box can make it tighter.
  10. why did you change your cylinder? Really wasn't much of a need unless you changed the barrel length enough. If I remember right there is no port on the stock G&G cylinder. If you put one in that is ported or if the port is going the wrong way, that might be the issue. I would also check that your new air nozzle is the same length as the old one. There isn't a spring on the hop up unit but there is one on the feeding tube its what the black handled screw driver is sticking out of
  11. just get an A&K m249. They really aren't that heavy, and those gearboxes are designed for full auto only, plus the quick spring swap is really handy
  12. just get a normal gbb. you're going to have to have extra mags anyways. The only guns like that I can think of ar NBB and are co2 and tend to shoot pretty hot.
  13. was the new spring the only thing you put in there? it might be your air nozzle, tappet plate not making it far enough forward. That gearbox is a pain when you get a bigger spring in there and can have some strange problems
  14. G&P has nicer motors, but I've never really noticed a huge difference from the other higher end guns
  15. sounds to me like a magazine problem or your air nozzle or tappet plate are already broken and aren't allowing bb's to feed. If you can take apart your magazine which im assuming is a high cap and try and fiddle around with the counter weight. Just put some bb's in the feeding tube of the mag and tip the gun upside down. If it shoots then the high cap isn't working. If it doesn't then its probably gearbox related
  16. if you are really wanting to build a well performing dmd, get all the unnecessary aesthetic upgrades last and invest your money in some good internal upgrades. Externals do nothing but make your gun look cooler.
  17. unless kwa has imploded since the last time I got to use one of their g36's you should be totally fine. my buddy had either a gen one or gen 2 kwa g36 and that thing was a beast out of the box
  18. I still have no idea what an r-hop up is haha. I remember when gbbr's were super rare still. I should actually start catching up on stuff again
  19. Don't increase the barrel length on an m14. It is plenty long enough as it is. I also wouldn't be dropping an m130 I to a stock gearbox. That is asking for problems. You're going to need to probably get a new piston, for sure new spring guide unless they changed the stock spring guide from plastic to metal in the few years I have been away. The gears should be alright for a little while, but your trigger response is going to be pretty terrible. Suppressor wise my friend had an ics on his old m14 and it gave it a very unique sound
  20. I put around 100k rounds through my old g&g plastica and never had a range drop off like that or even have a spring wear out. Something else probably got messed up when that tooth broke. I HIGHLY doubt your issue is spring caused. I would keep checking your compression parts and even your hop up unit. Even with bad compression your hop up u it should add a little more range if you over hop it
  21. Check and make sure the cylinder port is facing the right way( if there is one) and make sure your cylinder head is still ok. Put your finger over the nozzle and press the piston down into the cylinder. Should let you see if you have good compression or not. Just dry firing won't tell you much
  22. If I remember correctly there is a ring you twist and the flash hider screws off where you can then thread on a suppressor. The threads should be standard so most suppressors should fit
  23. You could get an aeg for around $100 used. It would give you a much better experience with the sport
  24. if you can afford a G&G then get one but if you want to toss a few upgrades into a gun the A&K's aren't bad. My buddies worked well. The only issue was the box mag fed terribly
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