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    KWA Two-Tone G19: upgrade spring Classic Army G36c: 3-point sling, 7 Brightness Red dot, 4x32 Scope, Folding foregrip other Spring pistols
  1. Dude my Classic army G36c has never failed me. I have have it for over 3 years with no problems at all. Cyma isn't even in the same league as CA.
  2. Classic army makes a gbb glock and a gbb 1911 if you were wondering
  3. yeah I've been buy my all my airsoft stuff since I was 10. I wish my parents would buy me a gun.
  4. My friend got a echo 1 ris mp5 from ASGI not to long ago and it didn't work either. I think they have problems with mp5s.
  5. Here is an updated version Sniper version CQB Version Hybrid Version
  6. forgot to post mine... I don't have an updated picture of it, but this is wrapped red cloth around some parts of it. I now have a red dot and a foregrip...
  7. If this exists somewhere else that just let me know and give me the link but I have been looking for one for a while.
  8. when I add a picture with the insert picture thingy it says no IMG tags? what can I do
  9. love the Lord of the Rings sword. That made me laugh
  10. would the G36c top rail reach across to the G36k foregrip?
  11. how much did that cost, and where did you gt it done.
  12. probably get the tb barrel too
  13. I was wondering where to get a cheap (under $90) conversion kit to make a G36c into a G36k (minus carrying handle). Please only reliable sites.
  14. The G19 is an awesome gun. this was my first gas blowback pistol. I love this gun. Its a very solid gun, and pretty accurate if you adjust the hop-up accordingly. I have had this gun for about 3 years and have not had it break until now. I dropped it off my desk when the slide was locked back, and it landed and now the slide won't go back. (if anyone knows how to fix this let me know.) The G19 came with an upgraded metal barrel and slide, and this makes the gun have an awesome sound. It shoots 320 fps respectively, but it is pretty accurate. the G19 has a hard kick to it. I played a came in my back yard with my friends and we Barricaded ourselves in the tree fort, and put plastic lids from a bin on the window. After the game I took a couple of shots at it to see how it worked, and it shot right through it. This gun kicks hard. The feel of this gun is awesome in your hand. It is small and compact so it fits in almost any holster. its a great side arm and functions flawlessly. The only problem I have, is that when I load the gas in the mag, some of the gas sprays out, not after filling, but during the filling. My mag is sanded silver, something I might do to the slide.
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