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  1. CHECK THIS BABY OUT!! now I wanna see the cheapest airsoft gun you have or have made!
  2. http://www.pyramidairsoft.com/ProductDetai...amp;referer=500 its like 30$ less then most sites that have a scope package...any ideas why??
  3. Primary: utg mk96 secondary(sometimes): jg mp5-k ghillie suit in a tree... I CAN NOT DIE!!
  4. the rush dude... 4v4 in a trailer with 3 kwa's pumping out 1200rpm...the yelling and pain when I get hurt...mmm...airsoft is good...lol ME JUST LOVES THE AIRS0FT
  5. I have one thats in good condition.. but its magazine is a little ruffed up, but it works great. id sell it for 80$ cause of the mag
  6. one thing I can think of is make things out of cardbord!!! (I know its ...weird) haha
  7. ok I want A LOT of fun things to do with a ghillie suit!!! im going to buy one and I wanna do a lot of funny stuff with it..
  8. I have a home made ghillie suit and I just want a less heavy and nicer one.. and ill be using it for other things like walking around my city and stuff so I need a full one haha
  9. ok im looking into getting a ghillie suit and im wondering which one would match best with north carolina ( greenish woodland ) for a reasonable price ...around 150$ so any help would be great
  10. mine is " ALLAH ALLAH! VERY BIG BOOM!!!" when I run at them with 4 claymores and grenades strapped to my chest while spraying with a ak-47!!!
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