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    hello I am a computer engineering major at pennstate university. currently trying to form a airsoft club with the school. <br />I am interested in computers video games most electronic things.<br /><br />I enjoy working on airsoft guns. I have built 8 from the ground up. and fixed many others. <br />just finished fixing 12 king arm m203 grenades. <br />im a friendly guy just drop me a pm

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    G&G m14 EBR DMR with riot gears, m170, jg blue motor. PTS masada, with riot 10:1 gears, TX balance motor Pr0my r-hoped up barrel. m130 spring. CA sr25 DMR
  1. if your going to have a "tech" work on your gun make an effort to find a decent local one. try not to do a "online" transaction with it. there are so many things that can go wrong. shipping, it may break or get bumped around and not work right. the tech may goof something small up then you are shipping it back and wasting time, or he may be busy. http://tigertacticalairsoft.com/blacktalon...box-p-2526.html is that the mosfet you where looking to get? just wondering. also its always good to learn how to work on your own gun. it maybe a small cost initially but over time, but learning how to do it right saves alot of money. also do your research on this tech to make sure he is legit. if he has alot of good feed back, then go for it, but if he has some bad or ZERO feed back, find someone else. there are alot of people that can take a airsoft gun apart and put it back together and go "im a great tech" just be smart with it. make sure you make a good time table for the work (2 weeks total turn around) from your house to his. that if he has the parts on had, if not it may be 4 weeks or more. the work you posted you want done should take a total of 4 hours give or take. thats with take down installing everything, putting it back together and testing. when I did tech work I would use a colored wax and cover the screw holes and take pictures if the wax was messed up the warranty was void. also started to get "colored shims" and put on on a gear in a certain order and take a pic lol
  2. let me put it this way, I have known him for a few years. he is one of the few (out of 4 ppl) I will send a item to him with out him fully paying, and I will pay him with gift. I know he is a good guy and will not screw me over. except for and giggles. his items are 90% accurately described 100% of the time
  3. 2. Unknown brand black ACOG 4x. Has broken "fiber optic" that does not affect function. - $40 does the fiber optic actually work? or is it jus for show?
  4. bumps im taking offers, it also now comes with a modify 7mm tours GB shell wiht some JG internals
  5. hey is that G&P acog the version with the functional fiber optic or is it just a standard 4x32
  6. regardless, that was a few months ago man. im hard pressed to remember PMs from like 2 weeks ago, its seems kind of foolish to send him the money over paypal with out first notifying him before hand and waiting for a response, it may have been fine a few months ago when you where talking to him about it and he would be looking for it, but no notification and right out the blue, yeah it may take him some time to figure everything out when you sent him your emails did you include your PP email or the transaction id for the stuff. it would be hard for him to search with out either of those. also you have to think he may be getting dozens of orders if not more because he just restocked so your order may be some what hard to find, with out that info.
  7. http://www.greenbase.hk/list.asp?id=3238 acm ubr
  8. modify tours gearbox 7mm shell comes with a few JG parts(gears piston, cylinder etc) for 40
  9. question. did you email him first asking if just sending money over Paypal is ok? he is running a store, its not like it is here on a forum. he may not have seen the paypal message or notice that the money is deposited. he probably get multiple orders a day and since it goes through his site, I very much doubt he looks at the messages. if you messaged him about what you want to do before you paid then yeah, he needs to get on the ball. if you just send money with out first asking then its really your fault, because how is he suppose to know. you may have emailed him asking what is going on. and he more then likly has no idea wtf ur talking about, because you never messaged him before sending money.
  10. bump im looking for a few trades im looking for a: magpul PTS stock UBR ONLY pts. prometheus 363mm ttb and a 550mm ttb thats all I can think of
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