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  1. if your going to have a "tech" work on your gun make an effort to find a decent local one. try not to do a "online" transaction with it. there are so many things that can go wrong. shipping, it may break or get bumped around and not work right. the tech may goof something small up then you are shipping it back and wasting time, or he may be busy. http://tigertacticalairsoft.com/blacktalon...box-p-2526.html is that the mosfet you where looking to get? just wondering. also its always good to learn how to work on your own gun. it maybe a small cost initially but over time, but learning how to do it right saves alot of money. also do your research on this tech to make sure he is legit. if he has alot of good feed back, then go for it, but if he has some bad or ZERO feed back, find someone else. there are alot of people that can take a airsoft gun apart and put it back together and go "im a great tech" just be smart with it. make sure you make a good time table for the work (2 weeks total turn around) from your house to his. that if he has the parts on had, if not it may be 4 weeks or more. the work you posted you want done should take a total of 4 hours give or take. thats with take down installing everything, putting it back together and testing. when I did tech work I would use a colored wax and cover the screw holes and take pictures if the wax was messed up the warranty was void. also started to get "colored shims" and put on on a gear in a certain order and take a pic lol
  2. let me put it this way, I have known him for a few years. he is one of the few (out of 4 ppl) I will send a item to him with out him fully paying, and I will pay him with gift. I know he is a good guy and will not screw me over. except for and giggles. his items are 90% accurately described 100% of the time
  3. 2. Unknown brand black ACOG 4x. Has broken "fiber optic" that does not affect function. - $40 does the fiber optic actually work? or is it jus for show?
  4. bumps im taking offers, it also now comes with a modify 7mm tours GB shell wiht some JG internals
  5. hey is that G&P acog the version with the functional fiber optic or is it just a standard 4x32
  6. regardless, that was a few months ago man. im hard pressed to remember PMs from like 2 weeks ago, its seems kind of foolish to send him the money over paypal with out first notifying him before hand and waiting for a response, it may have been fine a few months ago when you where talking to him about it and he would be looking for it, but no notification and right out the blue, yeah it may take him some time to figure everything out when you sent him your emails did you include your PP email or the transaction id for the stuff. it would be hard for him to search with out either of those. also you have to think he may be getting dozens of orders if not more because he just restocked so your order may be some what hard to find, with out that info.
  7. http://www.greenbase.hk/list.asp?id=3238 acm ubr
  8. modify tours gearbox 7mm shell comes with a few JG parts(gears piston, cylinder etc) for 40
  9. question. did you email him first asking if just sending money over Paypal is ok? he is running a store, its not like it is here on a forum. he may not have seen the paypal message or notice that the money is deposited. he probably get multiple orders a day and since it goes through his site, I very much doubt he looks at the messages. if you messaged him about what you want to do before you paid then yeah, he needs to get on the ball. if you just send money with out first asking then its really your fault, because how is he suppose to know. you may have emailed him asking what is going on. and he more then likly has no idea wtf ur talking about, because you never messaged him before sending money.
  10. bump im looking for a few trades im looking for a: magpul PTS stock UBR ONLY pts. prometheus 363mm ttb and a 550mm ttb thats all I can think of
  11. hey guys anyone interested in a G&P zombie killer externals. its a full externals of a gun. it does not have a Gearbox, hopup or barrel. it does come with a ICS 3000 turbo. im looking for around 150 shipped to you door. http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq66/ca...mz/IMAG0142.jpg http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq66/ca...mz/IMAG0140.jpg http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq66/ca...mz/IMAG0141.jpg http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq66/ca...mz/IMAG0139.jpg http://i434.photobucket.com/albums/qq66/ca...mz/IMAG0137.jpg
  12. here are the pics I know alot of ppl have been waiting for, so im posting them here this is the pic of the 5 mid caps each is metal, the full stock, pistol grip. the CA gearbox the trades on the silencer the metal body, the body was repainted to a flat black paint, the CA trades are a bit hard to see because they where shallow and the paint filled them up. the sr25 ris with trades baggy of parts spring soring guide etc body pins madbul tbb
  13. hey guys im in the market for a PTS UBR from magpul. now the PTS version does not have the little tube that is used to mount to the aeg the tube on the bottom left of this pic is the part im talking about that. if your UBR has that I don't want it, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/808/ubrky.jpg/sr=1 im am either looking for a FED version or a black version. please let me know what you have. thank you for your time and have a nice day
  14. hey guys I want to sell my elcan specter optic. not much to say its in decent condition everything works as it should. it mounts onto all my guns pretty well comes with full trades and the range finder cross hairs price is 95+shipping the paint job looks like a 12 year old did it but thats just how it came. there are a few specks on the lens ill try cleaning it and take a better picture later pics
  15. Hello again everyone. today im looking to sell my CA sr25 airsoft gun, its a full metal AEG except for the stock and motor grip. this gun is currently not working, the back of the piston blew out rendering the gun non functional. besides that part which can be found here: http://clandestineairsoft.com/index.php?ma...products_id=243 the gun has all the parts it needs: hell ill even buy the piston when the gun is sold and have it shipped to you. I just don't have time to do it my self with school starting up again internals: gearbox is the V 2.5 extended one (radius'ed) spring- shs m170 Gears- sector is classic army 19thooth gear, spur and bevel are Prometheus (previous owner had that set up) cylinder, cylinder head(sorbo pad installed) piston head, nozzle are CA bore up kit motor is a JG blue m42 high torque hopup: CA chamber with normal nub buckling is a Lonex hard type, with a Madbul 590mm barrel the barrel has a r-hopup patch on it, the patch looks fine but I cant test it cause well the gun isnt working atm. but ill be including 1 or two spare patches from clandestineairsoft.com just in cause it needs to be switched, or u can use them in another gun. Externals: CAsr25 body, full stock, front ris including the QD silencer and CA motor grip.missing the charging handle all external parts are included, they have some wear and tear on them from use but still very good condition. just some info the inner barrel does extend past the outer barrel of the gun. but that is covered up by the QD silencer. the gun includes 5 metal mid caps. thats half the price right there the price im looking to sell this for is 250+shipping I also have a elcan specter the brown and bronze/gold one I can add with the gun for an additional 75 ill have pics up soon idk with class when ill have a chance. please if you have any questions or concerns let me know, price is slightly negotiable I need the money for books and stuff for school. tades list: 250 gig xbox 360 +extras ps3 high end computer parts(cpu gpu, mobo, SSDs) tablets etc not really looking for airsoft stuff anymore. but I am looking for a magpul pts acs stock or UBR, no acm clones please Edit 1: (08/28/2012) ive had a few people asking me to part out mags, so heres the deal with that. ill part out only if the gun sells. so if you want the sr25 with one single metal mid cap it will be 225+ shipping and the other 4 will be 20 bucks a piece + 5 shipping also a quick edit on the trades list. I will now be accepting a KIng arms Vltor m4 with the casv rail and vltor upper and lower.. king arms only and only the vltor version
  16. hey guys im looking to sell my zombie killer m4 internals: modify torus gearbox 7mm aim 13:1 short stroked gears (sector clip installed) with a short stroked piston. shs piston head, cylinder head with sorbo, shs airseal nozzle. a dream army m110 brand new, bought it today. G&P hopup with stock barrel. ics 3000turbo motor externals: G&P metal zombie killer body with standard m4 front end(G&P) crane stock and a standard pistol grip, they are both painted tan, but I can remove the paint easy enough a few things it doesnt have a charging handle and the crane stock is missing the back cap. I jsut moved up to my college apt. so I may have them here I may not. I am slightly looking for trades. newer computer parts (cpu mobo Gpu, etc) or a new version xbox 360 or ps3 as for airsoft im not really looking for much, but I guess offer away (no clones, ak's or mp5s) as for a price ill start it off at 275 but hit me up with a decent offer and we can talk from there I will have more pics of the externals later tonight or in the morning. I recently got the idea to take pics of the internals from ZaCkOX in a thread so as to prove the parts are what I say. here are some internal pics decided to take a few more pics Externals:
  17. just to put in here. I bought a promy ttb from him about 3-4 weeks ago. it never showed up. I didnt pay gift so I opened a case with PP and got my money back. he never replied to any PMs or to the PP claim
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