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  1. thanks, SHWELL. So... If I screw with the settings it should still discharge it thoroughly without overdischarging? Just want to be sure...
  2. yeah I tried that, there's a lot of guys asking the same question, because they aren't satisfied with the instructions provided (they are terrible for the imax as well as my rip-off). The problem is, there's a lot of talking about lipos (which I don't own) and only a few "yeah, you could do that", or "I think it's possible" or "just wait for [random user name], he will explain" Still, I suck at electronics, so I don't have a clue...
  3. Ok, I'm not worried about memory effect. The thing is, while browsing trying to find some useful information about batteries, I read that once in a while you should discharge ni-mh batteries too. And I wanted to know how to discharge it... So, regardless of it being useful or not: How can I discharge my ni-mh battery without over-discharging?
  4. Well it probably has an auto cutoff, but, you know... I wouldn't want to try that...
  5. Hi there! My battery charger / discharger died on me last thursday so I decided to buy a new one. I got a Balance Charger/Discharger eXtreme x-605 (it's an imax B6 rip...). It's wonderful, except from the instructions, but oh well, who cares, I figured out almost everything it can do by myself. So, I've got a Vapextech Ni-Mh 9,6V 2000 mAh battery. As my charger/discharger is fully customizable, I was reading a lot of articles about batteries these days, but I didn't see any thread or post about how to know when a battery is fully discharged, avoiding the risk of over discharging. I wanted to know what to look at when discharging a battery... The discharger doesn't show decreasing values of mAh, as of "Hey man, you still have 1387 mAh to draw out of this old lady here!" so how do I know? (does voltage play an important part too?)
  6. Hello everyone! I was wondering how should I take care of my newly acquired holographic red dot... that means, I read some comments on the internet about it, and I did notice that they are quite fragile, especially when it comes to cqb, when bb's are flying everywhere and they can easily break the tiny piece of glass(?) the red dot is made of... I think I should attach a piece of plexiglass or lexan in front of it, what do you think? could this alter my field of vision or my accuracy?
  7. thanks for your advice. I will get informed.
  8. are you sure that the UTG and the M6 are different? I found in many other forums that they are almost identical...
  9. Hello to everybody. I bought a used M6 black eagle sniper rifle, also known as utg m324. I realized that it's spring is really weak, I think that I will buy a new, stronger one. some advices? second thing, is that the scope is small, and it's hard to take an accurate aim, because of this... I must buy another one, any suggestions? thanks a lot to those who will help me
  10. I don't have a field, but I go sometimes to play airsoft in a field nearby. Never heard about the black eagle? maybe you heard the UTG m324, they are the same...
  11. Hi there, I am Gregor, I am a Slovenian guy coming from Italy, precisely I live in Triest. I have recently discovered the world of airsoft and bought a M6 black eagle sniper rifle. what else? I will try to follow what's going on in this forum, as it seems quite good in fact of explanations and guides.
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