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  1. Might have a buyer here folks. :-)
  2. Serious offers only guys... How cool would it be to go to a field and say "hey check it out, I got the ADMIN of asf's rifle"... Lol.. All kidding aside this is a great rifle, and HIGHLY tuned to perfection. I'm willing to work on the price a bit, but not give it away... Get in touch with me!
  3. Here's your chance to step into a high end sniper rifle, tuned to perfection at a major discount of a price. I put in easily 1k into this rifle, and hand tuned this thing to 6mm perfection. I'm willing to negotiate the price, but I'm only looking to sell this rifle folks... Feel free to buy from a friendly admin... --Bodie
  4. Hey guys, I've finally decided to part ways with my beloved VSR-10. I feel like I'd rather someone be using my beloved VSR-10 than it sit in my closet barely being utilized. I am looking to SELL only, not trade; I would take cash/paypal. I put quite a lot of work and money into it, and am taking a hit on that, but that's airsoft for you... The rifle is in perfect functioning condition and whoever is lucky enough to take this thing home will enjoy it for a very long time. It's been my trusty target rifle and has less than 1000 SGM rounds though it. So without further adieu, here's the parts list. -Tokyo Marui VSR Pro -PDI Rail Mount -PDI Spring guide -PDI 6.01 430mm Inner Barrel -Laylax Bolt Handle -Laylax Teflon Cylinder -Laylax Zero Trigger -Laylax Orange Piston -Laylax 150 and 170 springs -Laylax Silent Cylinder Head -Leapers 3-9x40 Illuminated and Adjustable Objective -Leapers Spage Age Low Profile Rings -King Arms Short Spring Return Bipod -Firefly Hopup Bucking Hard -Nineball and King arms hop ups as well -Custom Foamed Stock I'm looking for $600 or best offer for this beauty. PM me if interested. Serious offers only please. I can ship out via UPS with tracking asap... -Bodie
  5. It's made of bronze.. Basically the WE is a very simple system, it's not a modified Escort classic system. It is almost like a paintball gun in how it functions.. That brass tube has a hole which seals to the mag which is how the gas gets vented. The technology is called an "airshaft." The WA system is completely different. I own both and both have their advantages and disadvantages. The WE is wildly inaccurate right now do the the rudimentary hopup design. They have a new barrel and hop-up out, but I've heard of problems with it. My WE has the tendency to smash bb's and is a real PITA sometimes.. I like the WA design better, but the mags are expensive and leak gas.. Bomber released a cheaper mag ($70 compared to $100+.. keep in mind a WE mag is like $40..) Any questions shoot me a PM I can answer any question about either rifle.. -Bodie
  6. Im using propane in it with no problems. Chronoe'd around 280fps with a .34g 8mm bb.. That's actually quite alot of power for an 8mm BB. Force = Mass x Acceleration..
  7. That's not very nice... Here's another shot of that glock.. and a better pic of my PGC/TM MEU..
  8. Marushin G21 w/Creation Aluminum Slide... Ra-Tech/Marushin cartridges..
  9. Well you can buy replacement hopup rubbers from airsoftbuddy.. But, there are rumors that edgi is working on a new hop-up unit. Give it some time. Just a heads up though, there's a shortage of WE importation going on in the U.S. right now...
  10. NONE of the internal parts are the same.. NONE.. The only stuff that would work, would be RAS/Stock/and grips... (mind that you can use Real steel options with both for the 3 things I mentioned)
  11. Ok I have both.. So I feel I can chime in here with actual knowledge rather than speculation... Both guns are great, but both have flaws.. The WE doesn't OWN the WA.. Not at all.. Not until at least they can make it accurate.. The hop is the biggest flaw of the WE.. It is a rudimentary design. THe WA has flaws though, such as 'weak' internals. Here's the deal, the WA was designed for use with hfc134a gas, not green gas.. Yes it will run on green gas, but you will at least break your bolt stop within a few hundred shots.. With that being said, WA, Inokatsu, and G&P produce replicas based on this system with the latter 2 having steel internals designed for green gas.. My biggest knock on the WA is the mags which no matter how sealed u get them, will produce a small leak out of the main valve b/c again, it's NOT designed to be used with green gas. They are also $100+ dollars, which is obviously expensive. The mags are so pricy because they feature a special NLS valve that allows you to shoot the gun completely upside down if you so choose.. I think that's pretty cool that you could go urban prone and not worry about getting a jet of freezing liquid gas spraying... PGC, GHK, Inokatsu and RA-Tech will be offering "WA System" mags soon though for much cheaper price which are also rated for green gas.. The WA is way more realistic in terms of function than the WE is.. Both are nice replicas. I own both.. I like the WA a bit better though tbh... My .02... -Bodie
  12. What would you like your Display name to be? PM me, and I will take care of it for you.. Please make sure that the name you want is available... Regards, Bodie
  13. Bodie


    Situation addressed and dealt with... Thread closed...
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