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  1. Tobi-Kun

    WTB BBKing bbs

    Have they really gone down in quality from what they were a few years ago? These used to be really solid bbs.
  2. Tobi-Kun

    WTB BBKing bbs

    I'm looking for .30s and .36s white. Few bags of each.
  3. Tobi-Kun

    WTB BBKing bbs

    I can't find any retailers that stock BBKing here in the states. I've contacted them directly about getting some but haven't heard back yet. Does anyone have a reliable source to get them? thanks in advance.
  4. As much as I like slinging plastic at friends once a month, I love slinging arrows at a target every day just as much if not more. Got plenty of funds for the slinging of plastic still I did kinda drop one hobby, I did sell my STI :( But car parts cost a fortune, that freed up ALLOT of funds lol
  5. Nice, getting the family back together. I'm going to try and stick around as much as possible, got other hobbies and a full time career. Don't have much of the time and funds I used to, but hey I just wanna have fun shooting plastic at friends again :D Doing more of the Russian loadout stuff this go around. Been waiting a long time on that LCT VSS. I see you've also become an admin, congrats!
  6. It's been a LONG time sense I've been on here. Been through allot stuff in life over the last 3 years or so and have finally gotten back into airsoft once more. So my big question is... what have I missed!?
  7. Yep You do know that the best sniper rifles in airsoft use gas, don't you? And combined with gas, 8mm bbs could do really well for a sniper.
  8. Smokeys and VFC are the best replicas out there. Good luck finding them thouhg. I think its snow wolf that makes a cheaper clone of the SocomGear.
  9. It's always possible, but when allot are being shipped together(like from a distributor) they have a better chance of being seized. If WGC will offer you UPS shipping, then you have a 99.9% chance of getting it, and if you don't WGC will refund you or ship another.
  10. It's more like: It's hard to get them in the US because of customs Most people choose the WE line because it's all they can find and afford....
  11. Nope, they are all good slides. Just make sure you get a 4.3 for the 4.3 and a 5.1 for the 5.1(I don't know which one you have).
  12. Guarder just sometimes have compatibility issues, and for the price, you can do WAY much better. Shooters design is excellent, if I wasn't buying a Prog4 slide, SD would be the next company I'd be looking at. Have you looked at Prog4 yet? His prices are very fair, and worth every penny.
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