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  1. Both of these rifles have addressed a number of issues found in the first few runs of KWA LM4s, from what I hear. No more 3-piece uppers, no more hop-up issues, you can now powerstroke the rifle, and the buffer tube detent pin was reinforced. Does anyone have any experience with these newer platforms? I see "reviews" online but they talk more about features and are clearly affiliated with PTS in one way or another, and I would really like some objective response here. I was our of the game for a few years, and am just now getting back into the swing of things. If I don't go with an LM4 based platform, I'll likely end up getting this guy. The externals and internals are what I would have done anyways and it seems more convenient. But I also remember the WA system being notorious for imploding on itself so I'm wondering if G&P answered the issues with the newest WOC guns. Thanks guys.
  2. The rails that the slide rests on. When you first place the slide on the gun, you'll find that it touches at two rails on either side of the gun. Gently sand/file this down and if that doesn't work, try the spots on the slide that you see make contact with the rails.
  3. Much appreciated. I knew it looked very familiar but I couldn't put a brand to it.
  4. I wouldn't even touch a WA 1911 if it wasn't an SCW1/2, which are impossible to find now a days. But even if you didn't get a PDI 01, a Nineball barrel will do you wonders as far as accuracy goes.
  5. I've seen 8 year old TM's last hundreds of thousands of rounds on green gas, stock. Everyone hears of a horror story with some or the other model, but in all honesty, you can run a TM on green gas just fine, and IF, somehow, that slide cracks, after THOUSANDS of rounds, a replacement from an HK website if only around $20. Otherwise, any metal slide upgrade would be a solid one time fix. In the 5-7's case, a slide with a metal lining and ABS outside.
  6. The LM4 is a modified WA with steel internals for more longevity and felt recoil. The WA honestly wasn't a bad system, it was just for such a niche, Japanese market, that stronger gas and heavy use just destroyed it. What will really be the deciding factor is how many RA-Tech parts will be needed to make this fieldable.
  7. The HK3P (WE's OEM for their Glocks, XDM, PX4 and P226) PX4 is actually a good clone. I know people who swear by their. And I've personally fired and put the 4th Gen G18 through its paces, and it is on par with the TM, tbh. If this is anything like that, it'll be a great replica for the price.
  8. GOOOD luck my friend. SCW2 stuff is rare as Hell. you're not gonna have any luck on stores, with the exception being older, smaller stores like Dentrinity or POSSIBLY Unco. Otherwise, try contacting collectors or individuals.
  9. Are P* threads in the AEG section or GBB section? I'd just like some info, as I'm looking to start a PolarStar build soon, and I wanted to know how to go about it, from the very beginning (What I'll need and how to do it )
  10. No. It won't fit. I've heard you can use a real upper on the WE with some fitment, but no WA body will fit. Also, the last post was 3 years ago. Try not a post on anything more than a few weeks old.
  11. They're absolute garbage. No one's come close to a great out of the box WA system, sans G&P, RA-Tech, and possibly Ino. Any GBBR under $200 will need another $300 of parts to make it functional. I've heard good things about WE only needing a few parts to get it going. KJW is an excellent choice, but I've heard horror stories about the body cracking. KWA just released their LM4 (I don't know if in the US or not) but it looks absolutely solid and like a great WA base. Someone I know bought the Magpul edition and holy hell there's enough steel in there to build a destroyer. The best part is, the KWA mags don't leak. They're rock solid. It's honestly a toss up. You need to be willing to put some more time and money into almost every GBBR you buy.
  12. PTS MIAD Real MOE stock Real ASAP Real XTM panels Real MS2 (Not shown)
  13. Agreed. I'm likely gonna end up switching to all black pretty soon. Unless I decide to remove the FDE on my real AR oh god this is the hard part about buying AR parts there's too many options and not enough money I fiddled some more and found a more practical configuration
  14. Instead of starting a new topic or anything I think it's just easier for me to update this one. So recently, I went stipple crazy. I did one rail cover, and couldn't stop. I also changed my grip around. I'm waiting for a KAC handstop to come in but otherwise, I'm so happy with it now. The optic's not on it right now, but it feels so great. I have a really forward grip (ala Magpul Dynamics) and the edge of the rail is perfect for me to grab. The stippling is a bit messy in some areas but hey, it works, and wasn't awful for a first time.
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