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  1. Hey, newbie member here and semi newbie airsoft. There are nine of us that all purchases airsoft equipment, typically we can get 4-5 of us together at any given time due to family (read as wife and childrens). Is there any fields or casual fields that can host 6 on 6 or 10 on 10 in the area around or near Bothell/Mill Creek ? For those of you in the area, I drive past a wooded area on 35th and approx. 180th (North of 180th) that appears to be public land. I haven't ever stopped there but does anyone know if we have any areas like that we could airsoft in? assuming we use bio bb's etc etc. I was going to check with the Snoho Sheriff to see what they permit. I saw what looks like a hiking trail head but the sign is blank and looks like it could house 4-5 cars parked. Curious of anyone knew of anything. Thanks Zen (Bothell, WA - Thrasher's Corner area)
  2. It's times like this I wish Bill & Jims Excellent Adventure would make a come back. They used to host a warehouse in Bellevue and one up North too I think. We had access to a friend's warehouse but that ran dry recently. I suspect there would be plenty of warehouse space in Kent area but not much up North. It would be nice to find an abandoned storage facility or similar. Even better, rent out a storage facility at night but the risk would likely be too high for any business owner to consider.
  3. Hi, new member here, found links for those other two fields and both look to be South Sound area. Is there anything in the North end of 405 corridor or any pick up games that happen ? maybe 6-8 per team areas? I play with about 4-6 casual players and have a few newbies that want to get a taste of this. edit: found links for those sites... 1st sword http://www.1st-sword.com/ Battlesim http://www.battlesim.com/ Evergreen http://www.evergreenairsoft.org/ Thanks Z
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