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    HFC G26 Custom GBB - Anyone have extra mags? Classic Army MP5 A4 - Guarder Rail System - CA Silencer - DB Customs 6.01 P90 length barrel - Star 30 round low caps - CA Short Suppressor - More to come!
  1. Been a while. Went all tacticool last weekend. Kit list at the bottom Let's see here... Headgear: TMC Airframe - Crye rails - Crye cover - Z-Tac Comtacs - Repro Manta - BritKit IR USA flags - Wilcox mount - Repro Wilcox arm - Spartan Tactical GPNVG-18s - Oakley M-Frames - Random balaclava Apparel/ belt rig/ footwear: - Massif combat shirt w/ sleeves chopped off - Oakley gloves - Crye G3 combat pants - Uniqlo $20 leather belt that works better than a lot of stuff I've tried - DTAC kydex custom holster and 3x mag holster - Lowa Zephyr TF boots Armor: - Ferro Concepts FCPC (gen 3+ custom, large) - Ferro Concepts FCPC triple AR kydex front flap (gen 3) - Ferro Concepts FCPC Airflow cummerbund (gen 3) - Crye wingman pouches - First Spear Deluxe shoulder pads - Apto M4-2000 suppressor pouch - Tactical Tailor double 9mm pouch - Dummy Benchmade 141 - Random tourniquet - IR chem lights - BritKitUSA custom IR callsign patch - Repro V-lite - Z-Tac Peltor PTT - Source 2L hydro w/ random MC tube cover On back panel: - A-Two Tactical Mini-MBSS pack - 2x First Spear Double Flashbang pouches Pew pews: Scratch-built WE Tech Mk18 GBBR - AFC Colt trademarked lower - RA Tech bucking - DPMS carbine buffer - AFC 10.3" steel barrel - Magpul CTR - Magpul MOE+ grip - Magpul RVG - G&P DBAL - PTS AAC 51T flash hider and M4-2000 suppressor - Cetacea Tactical 2-point adjustable sling Tokyo Marui Glock 17 - Guarder frame - Guarder Task Force 141 slide - Guarder night sights - Guarder 6.02mm inner barrel - Nine Ball hop up bucking - GunsModify lightweight BBU - GunsModify nozzle - GunsModify V3 SAI adjustable trigger - Guarder/ TM/ GM hammer assembly mash up - Guarder +2 mag bases - Nine Ball gas route buckings
  2. Out at Gamepod last weekend playing on "Green Team." Day 1: Day 2: In "action"
  3. Well, she's 98% done. Just need to get the selector working properly and replace the spring for it, and we'll be at 100%! With her sister, Betty
  4. Wanted to revive this and share the finished product. I was given a full refund for the work done on my guns and shipping costs, as well as having it properly done and sent back to me. All in all, I'm happy with the result.
  5. WAY! It was sick. Deffo have some tactics to work on though. I've never had to deal with fighting from building to building like that. It was a new experience but totally awesome. Are you a Bay Area 'softer? I'll try and post up next time I roll out to an event.
  6. Because you're basing your opinion off of a 2008 built gun that everyone acknowledges had issues. Their modern offerings don't. That's why.
  7. Saturday's "green team so throw on whatever you have" kit. With Spartan Leah
  8. Option 1: Doesn't include shipping in cost Option 2: Includes shipping in cost. I got mine from EBairsoft and had no problems getting it.
  9. - Primary Arms T-1 on a Seekins Precision absolute cowitness riser - G&P DBAL (Red laser, IR pointer and illuminator) - Inforce WML (momentary only) The other stuff isn't important haha...
  10. Have they fixed the consistent receiver cracking problem? I vote WE M4. Yes, I'm biased. I've built 5 for myself and closer to 10 total for me and my teammates. They're great guns and come at a great price point. Check out the links in my sig to see what I'm talking about.
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