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  1. I'm not sure about that... I think he was making a joke. Good debaters also recognize the other side and he stated essentially that even though intimidation is greater with a M249 he would personally prefer the P90. His Rambo comment didn't really have anything to do with his case at all.
  2. P90, definitely. Try holding a SAW with one hand and spinning around to find cover. Avoid smacking your barrel into a tree or something while your at it. Besides that, wouldn't you rather sneak up on someone or have them not pay attention to you rather than intimidate them and make yourself the most important target on the entire field?
  3. Got the stuff I ordered from him in perfect condition! Free bump!
  4. treymenger: good seller, gave me a good deal and shipped ASAP first class. Item was in better condition than expected.
  5. That really comes down to whether or not you want or need to take the time and find out. The basic summary of the history of a weapon is generally all that is necessary to be part of a conversation, not how many parts are in some section of the gun (unless you are comparing the pros and cons of each gun, in which case you had better know what the heck you're talking about or be prepared to be shamed). I think names in general will change a bit when translated into English, but a "K" and a "C" sound quite a bit alike, so I'll say a scorpion is an arachnid. Seems like I've seen just as many of those as Skorpions lately... If I said anything stupid, don't bother telling me. My mind's been fried by the heat today (101 degrees and counting).
  6. I think it will continue to exist, possibly grow as more and more people learn about it, but will never die out completely. Trying to outlaw it for personal safety reasons is a bit ridiculous. That's like trying to outlaw football, which I'm fairly certain is far more injury prone than airsoft. Additionally, anyone can use something as a weapon to threaten officers with. If for some odd reason people began to use forks to threaten police officers, would we outlaw forks? Of course not. If soccer moms are so concerned about their children getting hurt, why don't they use some common sense and teach their kids not to shot themselves in the face? Maybe while they're at it they could teach their kids not to eat dirt, too.
  7. Semi or burst L85 Star (if only parts were easier to find...)
  8. SuPrA: Sent items promptly with fair pricing and good packaging. Items worked better than expected and should last a long time due to obvious care for the goods.
  9. I want A-10's, but then no one would play with me Maybe I could get a UAV and put a live camera in it...and a Hellfire or two.
  10. A-10's alone would make a ground assault suicidal... Plus, invading through the plains just made you the ultimate test subject for all the weapons the military is developing right now (that big railgun could have some fun for a while). Additionally, you would be attacked from all sides and would have to invade areas with higher elevations to continue (I.e. the Rocky and Appalachian mountains). At least there are highways to travel on for better gas mileage, I guess.
  11. Found a mount. Moderators, please close at your leisure.
  12. Free bump for the great deal I just got from treymenger!
  13. If anyone has a low or high mount for a SIG 552, I have money in Paypal that would be happy in your account. My primary request is that you have pictures that prove ownership and quality. Thanks for your time! As a side note, I respond fastest to PM's.
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