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  1. I know it goes into the mosfet unit, but where? Does anyone know?
  2. It's a G&P T1. I like it just because it's lightweight. I'm sure there are better ones out there.
  3. If you want to sell/advertise on ASF, you must be an Authorized Seller.
  4. My AICS outer barrel is pretty beat up, and I'm curious to know if it uses any Tanaka M24 or M700 outer barrel. I kinda have my eye on the fluted barrel at dentrinity I just don't know if it'll fit. What other parts are interchangeable between the M24, M700 and AICS? thanks
  5. My AICS outer barrel is pretty beet up, and I'm curious to know if it uses any Tanaka M24 or M700 outer barrel. I kinda have my eye on the fluted barrel at dentrinity [imghttp://www.dentrinityshop.com/photo/SPA/tm7023a.jpg/IMG]
  6. Thank you for noticing, I actually stained myself to that color. It started out is a Pro-Arms woodstock (as you can see from the second picture from the top) I sanded it down and re-stained it with Varathane cabernet color gel stain to achieve the look. I absolutely love the result
  7. It's actually a M1 but I somewhat agree, since I all of my scopes are 50mm, I cant tell how it would look with a 40mm, added to shopping list.
  8. It's not real, couldn't justify spending $265 on a stock. The quality is very good though, BTW: what's a BRAVO?
  9. they are King Arms QD, a friend gave them to me. I've had them for a year and so far no problem yet. I too tighten them down very tight, make sure you have a couple of layers of electrical tape around the scope to help cushioning the force.
  10. TM M14 with woodstock and King Arms RAS, I have to say something about the TM M14; it is the jewel of airsoft, very accurate out of the box has so much potential for upgrades and looks absolutely amazing.
  11. The SR-25 with the new PRS stock just installed yesterday.
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