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    Echo1 M16A4, UTG M324 master sniper, KWJ M9 gbb, standard issue woodland camo, ghillie suit, 50mm lens scope 3-9 zoom, 42 mm lens scope, UTG laser sight, and a lot of other stuff i don't feel like listing
  1. awesome, thanx a lot, if I have any more questions I'll either post or PM you
  2. I can't unscrew the delta ring because there is a metal rod that goes from the front site to the delta ring so it doesn't turn, and I cannot get it off, it SEEMS like it can push through the delta ring, but it doesn't fit out the hole in the bolt chamber so I cannot get it out, thus, I cannot unscrew my delta ring. here are pix: this is where it seems it can be slid out but I can't get it out. its the top hole that is brighter, the bottom one has a BB in it lol
  3. well, see, its actually a GBBR, I forgot to specify, and I still cannot seem to find out how the hop up unit comes out, so it has no gearbox or battery....and the hop up is broken...which is guaranteed to happen with AGM GBBRs and I need to find out how to get the thing out. I knew how to take out pretty much everything on an AEG, but the GBBR is different somehow lol
  4. Thank you good sir, I'm not to savvy with M16 type weapons
  5. Hello all, I come from the far land of Lehigh Vally Airsoft (forums.lvairsoft.com) and I recently bought an AGM M4, and I think the hop up is either broken (which it probably is, happens rather quickly) or not functioning and I have no idea how do get to it, if anyone would be so kind as to post a guide or direct me to a guide because I cannot seem to find one anywhere, thank you all for your time! EDIT: added a clickable link to LVA's website!
  6. arn't domains like 10 bucks a year or something like that?
  7. are you guys seriously not going up tomorrow??? or is it just you? well eather way I'm going up, I need some airsoft in my system, and I'm brining a friend.
  8. thanx for putting me up there, and that would be cool, cuz I have a feeling I'm gonna be selling some more stuff later on.
  9. ok then, all out of mid caps, thanx guys, 2 hi caps left, I hate those things lol. I know winterz isn't gonna be there this satuday, are you primer? if so I'll bring the last one for ya
  10. UPDATE: 3 M16 100rd mids reserved, 1 mid cap left to sell, 2 hi cap 300rds, wind up full metal left. Mid cap is $10, HI caps are $20. http://www.shortyusa.com/cart/images/576.jpg this vest can be yours for $50 dollars, act fast, supplies are limited....I have....ONE...lol
  11. WHOA I wanna try some smoke grenades, just in case someone sees me, I can chuck one and get the hell outta there XD
  12. sorry, I really need the cash lol, ever dollar helps for the "Gaz needs the tanaka M40 foundation" and I bought these for like 15 or 18 dollars...so I've dropped them like 8 bucks lol, and they've never been used so there's no problems with them
  13. I'm coming up saturday, does anyone want me to bring anything I'm selling, M16 mags? woodland vest? anything, I'm sure you've seen my list of what I'm selling and for how much, if not just go back a page or two
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