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  1. So I just installed a new Nineball bucking in my kjw m700 and now my fps has dropped to laufhable levels. I can tell my nozzle is getting a good seal baded on how it is actually "sticking" inside the hop-up with the bolt closed, but im getting bbs just rolling out of the barrel with every shot. With no bb in the chamber it sounds like im getting good gas flow, but as soon as I load one, its like the knocker is falling on an empty mag. Ive backed off the hop up all the way so its not jamming against the nub, but ive lost almost all power from my gun. Any ideas?
  2. We are also assuming that his chrono is working properly and he is getting accurate readings.
  3. Check out the tucsonairsoftcoalition.com. Tucsoncoalition.com is their old site that is defunct. TAC is a huge group of guys in tucson and if you want a good game you really need to go through them and their website. You don't need to be a registered, paid up member to play or post games, they just ask that you abide by their rules which are very reasonable and based around responsible play. They have good relationships with both retailers and local law enforcement as well.
  4. Ive ordered and installed the masamune 6.01 along with a king arms hopup rubber. The barrel is about 1cm longer than the stock so I had to loosen the muzzle cap (via the front sight and slide it out to make the hop up assembly li e up properly with its pin. Ive been getting a hard right hand duck hook out of it with .25s and the barrel is so tight that the only acceptable amount of hop is like one or ttwo clicks wide before the bb becomes stuck in the hop Im still trying to work out the kinks. It kinda suck because I don't have anywhere to test regularly. My apartment is just too small
  5. Wow awesome! Thanks for the quick reply and perfect advice!
  6. Could one of you owners do me a HUGE favor and post a few pics of the trigger assembly of this gun? Ive got mine broken down for painting and I cant seem to figure out how to get the bolt stop spring (part #23) back into place properly. Ive been at it for about 4 hours now with no luck or end in sight. Please guys im really hurting here
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