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  1. wait are you asking if propane, green gas (people ask o can I use propane on a green gas gun all the time), or 134a? Rules are, if it has a plastic slide, generally its 134a only. Is it upgraded? What mods are done to the internals etc. being your question I'm betting you have a stock gun, but still don't know if it has a metal slide. if it doesn't, your answer is no, its not safe and will break your slide, just like a WA (I've killed 3 slides on my wa 3.9 using green... but I use external now so I can run whatever psi I want). Its a simple answer of what ya got. without specifics thats like asking if I can run 91 efficiently in my f-150 truck without saying if it has a stock tune or not on the computer.
  2. Just thought I'd say there is a new classic airsoft site up. I know most people aren't using them, but with info on classics being so rare, anything helps. Check it out. Its brand new, and most of the data is up, but there is still a whole lot more to come! Mods on present day classics (like the wa 3.9) will be done as well, but mainly focuses on guns using the bv system. the site is http://bvguns.com or just bvguns.com (no www. in there). Anyways, sorry to advertise. I'm not getting anything from this forum besides helping others out. No money, no advertising, nothing. Pure donation to the benefit of the airsoft community. Enjoy! rock on you guys!
  3. I'm suprised you didn't ask what browser he was using. Have you tried multiple browsers? IE? Firefox? Safari? Sometimes IE can get a bug and do that on it's own. IE is more likely to have issues that firefox using no script. Your cookies could also be auto flushing as well. Anyways try another browser before you go crazy. If it still does it you can maybe start pointing fingers at the site end of the deal but can still have issues on your computer. Do you have anti spyware and anti virus programs? Spybot s & d, lavasoft ad aware se, avira anti virus etc. All those things can quickly give you an answer.
  4. Im sorry but your NOT an adult until you are of age no matter what. You can be either an immature kid or a mature kid. People forget to realize that all kids are immature to some extent. DUH we all were. Now for respect... going down the chain from an elder... you get it when deserved...rather than it be a given. Now if you are a youngster you ALWAYS respect your elders. Just my point of view. Heck we all did stupid crap when we were young. You know how rich we would all be if we got a dollar for each stupid thing we did.
  5. O and btw if airguns were so illegal to shoot in the city, then why does pretty much every sporting good store in the country sell bb guns to pellet guns. DOH!
  6. how is it illegal to play backyard airsoft. As long as you have permission from the property owners and are following local, state, and federal laws you will be fine. I never though I'd see an admin spitting stuff so untrue Its is perfectly legal to shoot an airgun in the city. Just saying it is not is a complete and utter lie. BB guns, pellet guns etc are all legal to shoot and own in the city... as long as you are playing by the rules and on your own property... or have permission to use a specific property you are fine. It is also fine to build your own bb or pellet gun as really, there are no laws about tinkering with toys... There are limits to how far you can go tho. The funny thing is this site is the most made fun of for people taking things a tad too seriously. Not talking safety etc, just talking simple things like posts, necroposting, typos etc. This is NOT a school, NOT a workplace, and NOT an employer... so I don't know why any of you guys whine about the stuff you do. Now if any of that gets me reported well I could care less...
  7. Like the title says... FreerideLife presents... A Roundhouse Productions event OP Seitova September 13th 2008. Ft. Ord naval base, Marina, California Final vid coming soon.... For now enjoy this theatrical trailer. Music by Hans Zimmer Download FULL file from filefront. Other than that you can watch the imbedded flash at both listed sites. Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WFIeMStQ5w Filefront : http://files.filefront.com/Operation+Seito...;/fileinfo.html My Filefront : http://hosted.filefront.com/Freeridelife/ My Youtube : http://youtubet.com/Freeridelifedotnet/
  8. just an idea, really because no one here has said it... why not a CAR stock for it... That will top off its uniqueness. ----------> And people didnt understand why your patriot was not a primary because you don't have any part of the patriot front end on it. If ya did it would look more lets say "pistolish" :D
  9. If its under 200 then its not expensive :D
  10. How do you really know something is better until you have actually tried it, or an indepth review has been made. Flippen noobies jumping to conclusions. You guys gotta remember that WE guns will generally handle more than any stock WA's so right there is a plus. I bet the WE will handle way more power and mods for cheaper than a WA can. In the end its like people saying clones suck... but if that was so then why was the market for high priced guns near slaughtered with the unveiling of them...
  11. Main Host. Mirror one below this link is much faster but might require a filefront account. can't remember. Mirror #1 File front dl / flash video MIRROR 1 Mirror #2 coming soon Mirror #3 coming soon And for you youtubers... (I think it looks better on the filefront page personally. Youtube cuts the res down even more now since they went google) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Anxo9Rvj-Q Just a note : I used the main song for a challenge if anyone asks :D Was quite a challenge. Hope everyone likes it! Next game I'm going to actually follow the scenario and do a near full day of filming. Playing btw bat fast charges. Right on you guys! Vid details below! ________________________________________________________________________________ _ Well I thought I'd show ya guys something I did for fun at last weeks event. I did about 45 min of filming towards the end of the first game. I actually had more fun filming than I did playing. Hmm. Well, the vid is done. 3 days of editing. I'm pretty happy with it. By no means does it follow the scenario being I filmed for short of a time, but I did my best to make it seem like it. Filmed w/ a 3CCD production cam <AT> 16:9 with my LEICA wide lens. Filmed at Ft. Ord Naval base in Marina, California on Saturday 8\16\08 Scenario Navigate you way to your team’s objectives journal, a trusty old Trapper Keeper. Yes, the same Trapper Keeper that kept your dog from eating your homework in the fourth grade. Once you find it, its objectives on the GO, only your Trapper Keeper will keep your team organized enough to fight! I didn't really get to film following the scenario because I played the beginning of the round. I also did not stay for the full day this game due to other events that day. Vid is still on its way though. I edited all this using Sony Vegas 8 for the vid and Sony ACID 5 for the sound. ________________________________________________________________________________ _ Thanks to my camera for not breaking during the abuse I put it though this past weekend!
  12. dude who cares about clones. Personally I would not spend 300+ on ANY stock aeg. TM's and CA's lick. End of story. I'd rather spend 150$ on a generic ripoff piece of junk, than spend 350$ on a tokyo mauri piece of junk. Classic army's use cheap pot metal for their receivers, systemas receivers are notorious for cracking, G&P guns only have decent receivers, G&G's innards suck, ICS had a good idea with their mech box but still is junk. The funny thing is guns like cyma are becoming just as if not more reliable than their Japanese competitors. Dude have you ever even shot a real m16? I doubt you have. Your grammer alone shows you a youngin. Try actually using something before you diss it. Many of my marine / army buddies swear by their m16's and m4's, and they the one putting the guns through just about the worst conditions any gun will ever see. The ONLY reason an m16 had a bad rep to begin with is the first m16's back in vn came with no cleaning kit, used a new gun powder, and were said not to need cleaning. Ever since the a2 has been out there has been no issues. All 4 of my real steel ar variants have 0 problems and are just as if not more reliable than my AK's. Just like any gun you actually have to strip, clean, and take care of you gun or it wont be worth a crap in the first place. O and btw have you ever even been over seas?
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