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  1. Quite a few down in grants pass building up.
  2. There are quite a few airsoft teams around the southern oregon grants pass area. Easy Company, (my team) Shadow Fox, Rogue Militia, Lords Legion, Siberian Dragoons,
  3. Im looking for a mac 10 as a side arm.
  4. Alright now I need to go about training. How often and what should we train in. how should we train. Im going to make sure all my troops know counter sniper and counter saw I read up on the forum but what else should I train them.
  5. It was great. I was Hiding in these bushes and one scout came up and got really close to me and I crawled a little bit. I Tapped him on the leg. He looked down. And I said Safety Kill with my ak pointing right at his nuts.
  6. Other: that second when there is a squad that doesnt sees you and you are close enough to take them. And that second before you fire. Then you nail them all. Thats the best part of airsoft
  7. I believe the medevil times were the best. Man Fighting is a lot more skill based not just pull a trigger. Screaming running into a giant wave of Soldiers. also every armor was customized almost. Swords of all types. Armor of all types. Sinking your sword into another person flesh. SCA reanacts battles. And does there own battles. There fun.
  8. Top of hill is a hill. hill sorry I didnt specify. I feel pretty bad. I used a hugessh guy for cover the other day. He had a saw. he got hit I lived
  9. AK Guy

    Newbie Test

    claymores are the Hugessh swords that are sorta cool since I am going to join the SCA with one But also claymores are also mines. But they have airsoft claymores. Thats sorta scary.
  10. thats why I picked it. I wouldnt have an army. Thered be Marines, Navy, and Air force. And Ak-47 series are good., It is more powerfull then M14, 4, 16 series by the way. It has a bigger bullet. and it has a bigger clip. but you wouldnt have just that gun in a military. you would have the sniper version( Dragonov) the SAW version. and RPG
  11. This is a poll on naturally made cover. your not always going to find bunkers, or fortifications. I picked Hills because you can depend on them more. and they are a little common. A good hill could stop bullets. Trees normally if you stick anything out youll get shot and its to easy to go around them. Shrubs I like because if your wearing camo its really hard to see you. But if they see you your
  12. Hook line and sinker. send a few guys. towards the enemy have them run back to a place of lots of cover when they follow as soon as they get in effective range Light em up
  13. I know its not tactical but completly lighting up someone is fun.
  14. If you spray paint your gun camoflaged its really hard to find someone that spray painted there gun exactly the same. Plus it looks cool. I made mine look like a desert like ak with a bit of green and brown.
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