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  1. well bro the more people we gather to join the lower the amount we have to contribute..anyway I think it would be better if we lease a warehouse instead of the open field to avoid having confused neighbors calling swat on us heheh.but if the field is away from any neighbors or access road I guess its ok.I talk to one sf city employee he said that sf wont give a permit.in fremont and alameda I have a contact but the price will be our main problem.
  2. sorry for hybernating guys....ive been busy for a while.im actualy looking for a warehouse right now....and ive I talked too some P.O s and city personels.the ware house has to be away from residential areas or bus stops or routes.and if you have an unmarked costom piece you should get an extra flash hiders,barrel or slide.....if you can pls. help me find a place the best places will be hayward,san leandro,alameda...I was thinking of oakland but I don't think its a good idea.
  3. hey guys, if your from east, bay area, or sf. I have a buisness proposal.lets put our money on our hobby..lets form a team and put a budjet to lease a warehouse around east bay accessible with BART or any kind of public trans.don't worry im not trying to scam you guys...after we meet up,the team will decide about who`s gonna hold the budjet and who will manage the site we are going to use..we will determine how much we will pay for the team membership on the meeting.for any questions call at 510-692 2664,or just tag the thread..and for any ideas for the location....feel free to ask any thing about this.the faster you ask the faster we can form the team and have our own site.more questions you ask the clearer my buisness proposal will be to you guys..\m/
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