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  1. ugh if I didn't just buy a vector...
  2. Pretty sure this guy fell off the face of the earth :\
  3. Just general pictures that show what condition it is in - it is difficult to tell from the one provided. thank you
  4. Awesme prices, too bad I don't need any of these models :\
  5. Just so you don't get scammed, mla made a topic on airsoftsociety for the same gun that says it is stock. Here it is: http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f162/...32/#post1158963
  6. I am 90% sure that I did that test and the motor did spin. If I remember it was a g&p m120 high torque. 99.9% on that. However there is a problem. In an effort to troubleshoot the fuse, my dad completely destroyed it. Never found a replacement that fit....I don't remember how we did it, but we were able to rig it so that we bypassed the fuse and it still didn't work, which made my dad suspect that the wiring was fried or broken somewhere Also it's not an ak47 :/
  7. Internals are crap, you could do better for the money. It's cool looking though so if you want a cool looking gun you'll have to upgrade, go for it
  8. I'm trying to fix my m4 that I somehow broke about 3 or 4 years ago, so I can sell it. I bought an m120 and a high torque motor to install in my G&G GR-16 carbine. No experience with gearboxes, so my father helped me (he's good at mechanical stuff). I remember that the whole gearbox flew apart when we took it apart because we didn't know what we were doing. We managed to get everything back in the right place, including the new spring and motor. I remember that the gearbox was very dry though, no lube or anything anywhere. We did no shimming or aoe because I didn't know what that was. The gun shot really well! For about 2 high caps. Then it stopped working. It made sounds when I tried to shoot it, not like stripped gears but like it was trying to cycle but couldn't. Locked up. Then it stopped making noises at all, no matter what battery is used. Any ideas? I realize there isn't much to go on and it was a long time ago...
  9. I'm definitely still planning on doing all of those upgrades, but between now and probably the end of march/beginning of april, CQB will be all I'll be able to play and the AIMS is definitely too hot for cqb. I guess I don't need a longer barrel on the scar (if I get it) if it'll only be for cqb anyways though. But while it's still cold outside I can be working on my AIMS and playing with the scar at the same time :P
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