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  1. Who cares where you aim your sights? Try checking your accuracy by aiming with the barrel. I suggest taking the back iron sight completely off so that you don't subconsciously aim with the sights. Align the barrel with the target and then tell me if it is shooting up or not. Most likely, the iron sight are bad. I know that on my G&G (FM) the iron sights could never be aligned properly because the back sight was way higher than the front sight. The iron sights are just there for show. Try borrowing a red-dot from a friend. The accuracy of the gun has nothing to do with the sights, the groupings are what count.
  2. Mine just slides right in. The cylinder head has a good seal and the piston head O-ring looks (and feels) fine. What could be the problem?
  3. here ya go: http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/goods.php?id=4836 It's called a Well Grip.
  4. Yup I'll try again within a few days.. maybe try doing it with a screw driver or something...
  5. Thank you for your answer. I'll look in stores for the white lithium. Any way, about the spring, I've watched mechbox.com and how they install the spring, but the way they do it it looks like they are using a weaker spring. I can do that with the stock spring that came with the gun but not the SP110. :S
  6. Hello. Just bought a CA shim set and CA "grease for cylinder". Just wondering if these will be enough for maintaining the gearbox. I mean shimming and lubing while I change my stock spring to an SP110. I have a GR16 carbine if you're wondering. Oh and another thing. Last time I tried to change the spring I couldn't get the SP110 to fit in the gearbox :S When I attempted to force it into the gearbox the spring "folded" and deformed. I'm guessing there is some sort of "technique" for installing a more powerful spring. So any help on that subject will also be appreciated. Thank you :)
  7. ofcourse a G&G can handle a 9.6v. It's the M140 I'm worried about. I'm pretty sure the stock motor won't be able to handle it. And I'm really not sure about the stock internals either. I would suggest consulting with G&G about this one. Ask which parts you should replace in-order to handle the M140 OK. http://b2b.guay2.com/eng_contack.htm And I totally agree that FPS is not everything. Won't it be much better getting an M120 instead? I see no reason for having a higher powered spring than the M120 and G&G says that the system can take an M120 without any need for other parts being replaced.
  8. Do you recommend these? And how can I be sure that the picture shows the real colors of the uniform? It's a simulation. Maybe the color will in-fact turn out to be black when I buy them? Anyone have a picture of how these look in real life? BTW is this a 50/50 poly cotton?
  9. Hey, Anyone know what the deal with this uniform is? http://www.bdu.com/F547038393.html It looks like MARPAT only it has a brown color instead of the black. I've heard here on the forum that this uniform is the improved MARPAT that the military is meaning to switch to. Is that true? Also, Is it me, or is the back of the collar the same color as the original MARPAT (black and not brown)? I would like some information on this uniform. If we are able to order these, and they are actually a different improved version of the MARPAT, that solves some problems for us. One being that the MARPAT uniform is already taken by a considerable amount of teams here, and our team being with the MARPAT could cause some confusion, but no team has this version of the MARPAT. They all have black in their uniform. Thanks!
  10. Any idea why they still haven't got back to me in a week? :P
  11. Yeah I got that you are talking about call of duty, Only now I had understood that you were talking about the multiplayer and not the sindlge player. Yup, that could be fun, need to think how to set something like that up :) Thanks. Any other ideas?
  12. What kind of search and destroy? You mean like a bomb? There is no episode in COD4 called search and destroy so I don't really know what you are talking about.
  13. Hello, Me and my team play in a CQB arena that has 2 parts to it: One looks like one of the floors of a school, with hallways and rooms, While the second looks like a street in Gaza (tight streets with one floor houses everywhere and 2 two-floor houses). These two parts are connected by a hallway entrance and a window you can climb through. I'm just telling you this so you know what the field looks like, you don't have to use both parts. So, any ideas for some interesting game types we can play to spice things up? EDIT: This is what I came up with till now: - CT force needs to rescue a hostage and bring him to safety. Once they get the hostage he becomes somewhat of a VIP. He is handed a pistol and the terrorists try to take him out before he is brought to safety. - A CT force must kill a terrorist leader who is located in one of the two-floor buildings with many body guards tactically located in the building windows and doors and also in the street around the building itself. - A special forces unit is trapped in a street filled with terrorists and must get to safety with atleast half (percentage may be changed) alive. (basically get from point A to B). Those are my ideas to get the thread going. You guys have any other ideas?
  14. Really? I say this photo posted on an airsoft forum so I figured they would be airsoft players. Anyway though it doesn't matter because I only used the photo for the color difference that appears in the photo.
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