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  1. Like my title says I am looking for a Propane Adapter. Offer up what you got.
  2. Still looking. I may buy one if the price is right so offer.
  3. Well like my title says I am looking for a KWA SR12 or SR10 but I would prefer the SR12. I was planning on selling my M14 for one but I'll see if anyone wants to trade first. It is a G&G M14 with a Walnut stock. As for upgrades it has internally, G&P explosive piston head X-Ring (it has perfect compression from the piston head to the air nozzle) CA Yellow Piston N-Z Reinforced Sector gear (old G&G sector gear stripped) Systema Brass V.3 spring guide Guarder IFTU motor G&G low resistance wiring set Externally it is a little beat up and the bolt catch is missing. Internally it is running fine but is stuck in auto. Has a very nice ROF. It comes with 1 hicap mag, 9.6 volt battery and some spare parts. Here is a pic of it(scope and rings not included) The value I put on this is $300 so I can add cash if your KWA is new and in good condition. PM me for more details. Thanks, -Kenny
  4. I have a G&G M14 Ver.4 with the real wood stock for sale on another forum. It has some upgrades in it and I am asking $275 +shipping for it. PM me for details on the gun if your interested and I can send you pictures. Thanks, -Kenny
  5. Very interested in your M14, I'll keep you posted on whether or not I can buy(:
  6. Bump- Air Nozzle almost sold, just waiting for payment.
  7. Bump, everything is still up for sale please help me sell it! Thanks.
  8. I don't think those would fit but I am not for sure. I got Classic Army SR-25 Super Torque up gears from airsoft GI. If I am wrong about the gears someone please correct me but I think they are different sizes. nieb15- Me and Ion looked at the mag catch and found that it is the same as the M-16.
  9. Bump, A&K SR-25 flip up front and rear sights along with fore grip on hold.
  10. This is my first sale/trade thread and I am new to this so please be patient with me, thanks. I may take PayPal but I must clear it with my dad first but I can take Money Orders for now. Now on to my stuff. This is my systema M140 spring. Got it for my gun but then got a SP130 spring so I don't need this one. Put it in my gun and only shot a few rounds through it $10 This is my Systema M-16/4 air nozzle. I bought this for my A&K SR-25 but didn’t realize they are different sizes. This is new and never used. $7 This is my A&K SR-25 barrel M-16 length 509mm. It is the stock barrel that came with my gun. Comes with the stock hop up bucking as well. $10 Next is my JG M-16 magazine. It no longer feeds and needs some work done internally. Shell is metal and a little beat up. $5 Next I am selling 1 of my batteries. The 9.6 volt mini battery that is 1200 mAh and NOT the numchuck battery. Mini-$15 Next is my CA hop up bucking that came with a stock CA tight bore barrel. Used $3 Next is 1,000 rounds of aluminum .29 grams airsoft bb's bought from speedy toys. $5 Trades: CA SR25 gear box shell. I can throw in money if needed. G&P M160 High Torque Motor (Long Type). Again I can throw in money. Just offer! That’s all for now. PM me if you have any questions or want more pictures. Thanks for looking
  11. Like my title says I am looking for those two item. I have money, please post or PM me if you have them. Thanks
  12. 12v haha. Thats alot of power to be running on something stock. Yep, its an impressive rifle, at the moment we are bringing it up to 480-500fps, so we will keep you updated.
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