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  1. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've logged in here, mostly due to life reasons. Then again, I wasn't exactly the most active of posters. I've been getting back into airsoft recently and I came back to this board expecting to be overwhelmed by all the discussions going on about the new airsoft shotgun offerings and all the changes I haven't kept up with in the community. And I'm finding a ghost town. So let's talk! What shotguns are you guys using these days? What are your favorite shotguns on the market? What are the best, in your opinion? What shotguns are you excited to own one-day? Any changes in your tactics as a shotgunner in the field? *Personal Questions* How is the CYMA Metal M870 3-Round Burst full metal shotgun holding up? Are the internals easier to upgrade compared to the more common plastic trishots? Does it have more range to it? Give me the details! I'd also like to hear from anyone who has purchased the CYMA M870 3-Round Burst shotgun and how it stacks compared to the more common plastic shotties in terms of range, efficiency and skirmishing. What the fudge happened to the m500 gas shotguns?! I finally get my hands on the cheaper ACM clone and they disappear from the market entirely! Where do I get o-rings for this thing? What are your thinks and feels on the AA12? Any news of a clone in the works?
  2. Wow. I never knew that! I simply assumed that the clones were basically a cheaper (both in price and in quality) version of a TM; achieving the same goal just using inferior parts. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to spend on a $200 shotgun. Perhaps one day, but def. no time soon. Thank you very much for your help. Are the triple hop-up mechanisms fixed in a TM? or can they be dialed in separately?
  3. Is there anyway you can clarify that? I mean, we all know that TMs are better by default, but do you know the approximate range advantages the TM M3 multishot has over all the others? And single shots will not help me. I am thoroughly not interested in what is essentially a pump sniper rifle. I need spread, and the gas gun won't do me any good mainly because of it's price. And I find that gas guns are rather tedious.
  4. Is there anyone here who can tell me if the inner barrels of the longer DE M56DL are any longer than the typical UTG M3's. I own this particular shotgun, and though I do love it, I am looking for a shotgun that can provide me more range. I have actually attempted using .12's in this gun, which is a cautious decision due to their unreliability, to no avail. Despite whatever your opinion is on the use of a longer range shotgun, I am interested and even needing one due to the style of play that I utilize. I have seen it's range quoted at 60-110 feet, which is 10 feet more than the standard 50-100 the other, shorter M3's are given. Please let me know if there is any credence to any of this.
  5. I would like to say that the E90 is a great gun! I have had mine since November of last year and sure there are a few updates one will eventually need to do, but as it stands stock, it is a good gun. The only things I have *had* to install was a new piston, which was $20 at evike. Other than that, I have installed a longer, tightbore barrel and exterior silencer to cover it. My gun is fantastic! It is an easy gearbox to work on too. My Semi-automatic does tend to crap out from time to time, but semi is not why I bought the gun! Also the magazines do give you trouble, but once you break them in (say about 2 months) they work flawlessly. The E90 is not a beginner gun though, and would like to back-up my airsoft brethrin by pointing out the cheaper and simpler G36c alternative. This gun requires a lot of hw and must be taken care of. I bought this gun after careful deliberation and am fully pleased. If you want a P90-like gun, then I would suggest the FN2000. It's basically a p90 M4: a combined full-size assault rifle using the benefits of the bullpup style and p90 trigger grip and the accessible magazine and hopup ease and shape of a carbine. Thou this gun will also require a level head. The MP5 is always a good choice, but be mindful of the tedious gearbox. Other than that, you can't go wrong.
  6. Thanks you guys. I appreciate your help. So All Tightbore barrels are essentially the same? So If I were to purchase a tightbore barrel that is labeled as being for a P90, would that mean that it is the exact same length as the barrel I currently have in my gun now? Or are there some varied lengths for an extra extension that would require me to buy an external barrel extension? For the record, I am looking for a longer barrel, so would I be looking for a tightbore made for an m4 to install in my p90 if I wanted a longer barrel? Also, I have heard that simply buying a silencer/barrel extension will effectively achieve the desired effect of longer distance as opposed to installing a longer internal barrel; is this true?
  7. My last OP I used a few drops of silicon oil and it seemed to work fairly well. Before I loaded the mag, I placed 1-3 drops of silicon oil in the feeding hole of the mag with numerous winding in between, and I would say the day went fairly smooth. During the few instances where I did have problems, I simply tapped, or rewound the mag, with very minimal issue. While not perfect, the oil seems to have subsided a lot of problems. Ill bring forth any other problems. Being that the P90 is my very first AEG, I would like to ask about how to go about find the specific upgrades for the p90. I don't need to be baby-fed the information, I just do not yet understand how AEG upgrades work and what separates all of the barrels, springs, gears and such from the other guns. I am currently interested in getting a tightbore barrel, but the information I am finding on the P90 specific ones are no different than the barrels that are used for the other AEGs. Is it fair to assume that the barrels, despite the length, are largely identical for all AEGs or is there some fact I am missing. Gearboxes and other assorted upgrades seem to only advance the FPS, whereas I am more interested in accuracy and distance. I am only asking for assistance in correcting my possibly wrong AEG education.
  8. PROBLEM SOLVED! I decided to simply saw-off the troublesome stock after months of repeated ducktape and glue/welding. I no longer have issues and have coped with the lack of a stock issue in my airsofting. It's actually a lot more fun to use and outside of the natural oddities that come with such a decision, the gun works great and feels a lot lighter in combat. As an alternative to the stock-strap hook, I have make shifted the strap to loop through the trigger hole and around the top of the gun. It's a simple, but novel approach I think and maintains the weight to keep it at the heavier end of the gun, releasing the strain around the grip.
  9. Alright, thanks for all your help guys. I havent tried to put lube in it yet. I will give that a try and see what happens. But help me out with the bb loading if you don't mind. I hold the spring back, open the loading door, and pour in the bbs until the mag is full (I have read that it works better if the mag is loaded to about 260-290 instead of the full 300). Then I wind the mag until the 'clicking' sound signifies the tightened spring. Then the mag is completely loaded? Or am I missing a step? Everytime I use this mag, I follow this procedure and find myself only shooting up to 30 bbs until it needs another winding, which narrows as the mag is used more throughout the game. I want to remedy this issue. I have tried all of your advice outside of the lube suggestion with limited results. Tomorrow I have an OP, so I will put these suggestions into work, I just want to know If I am following the procedure right.
  10. So I bought the E90 not expecting the greatest thing since sliced bread, but rather, a decent AEG, which I have since learned is only putting it mildly. It's feel and design is flawless (in my opinion) and the gun itself is a joy to fire. In an effort to make myself more useful with the weapon, I raised myself from the lowly depths of standard mid-cap user to that of a high cap, only to realize the Echo 1 provided high cap blows complete . Not only does my high cap not stay wound all the way in any consistency, but I am forced to rewind it during combat multiple times and with constant fail which is an absolute hassle. When I do finally wind it and prepare to install it back into it's appropriate place, (amide tense combat of course) it completely unwinds again seemingly just as it first beings to load the bb's. Now I am not prepared to make the big jump to modded-m16-highcap user with that nice little expensive gadget I have seen others use. I am simply searching for advice on the other brands of P90 high caps or at least assistance with my current high cap. If all else fails, I can just invest $100 in purchasing the 5 mid caps needed to compete with a high cap's ammo count, but I would rather not waste the money when I have 300 rounds right now. Thank you
  11. You are not kidding! I'd like to start this idea me and my friends have had, which is to start our own airsoft field in the Cartersville area using a friend's land. The problem is, like any other small business, funds and future revenue. We need assurance that people will play on a regular basis, but for that we need people! This is just my attempt to find people in the local area that I can connect with and, if nothing else, just gain an understanding of the surrounding airsoft community. This forum is the largest airsoft forum, but unfortunately I have met 1 Georgia airsofter so far. We simply need to find each other, because the more aware we are of other players, and the number of players at that, the greater the fascination of the game, and the growth of the sport in general. I just wanna shoot people, and be shot at, al in the same instance. I just don't want to have to drive across state to do it!
  12. Dude he was just asking a question, there is no need to jump down his throat or insult his gear. There is a such thing as asking questions on this forum, and when people have queries about said question it turns into a conversation. That is all that was. As for the Laylax rail, I have always wondered about the draw of that item, as it does seem to cost too much, but seeing as how the E90 is a clone of the TM P90, it should fit. Is it just me, or are there very little upgrades for the E90? I've been searching Evike and AirsoftGi, and have found nothing outside of these already mentioned items.
  13. Is it just me, or are there absolutely NO airsofters in the Northern Metro Atl area? Ive seen only a few people on this site who are from my area and most are just too busy to communicate. So this is why I'm putting this information out into the world of ASF. We are a Cartersville-based Airsoft Group that wants to branch out and understand our local airsoft community. We have all been playing close to a year now and have our own equipment and setups. We want to play teams and just naturally grow inside this sport and do it with other locals. The only Airsoft field we have played was Georgetown, which was un-freakin-believable! The only downside to that greatness, is it's about an 1 1/2 hour drive there and back, which isn't really worth all that excess loss. I just want to find good players that we can play with without driving to unknown parts of the universe to find them. Marietta, Kennesaw, Calhoun, Dallas, Adairsville, Rome, ANYWHERE!
  14. Team Airsoft is pretty great! I just wish I wasn't so far away. An Hour is pretty steep a drive these days. I'd like to find some people around the North Metro Atlanta area and create our own Local field. We're in the process of finding land, but want to find at least 20 possible gamers first. I'm from Cartersville, and it may actually end up being somewhere in town, or closer to Rome. If your locale, or just want to drive where we play, you are more than welcome to join in on our games! We usually play Saturdays, but due to the lack of airsofters in the area, we are kind of losing our morale. We can only shoot at each other so many times before we start to lose interest. Hit me up if your interested
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