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  1. Pretty much your best bet is to hit up an ACM shop (try RSOV.com), and get the JG/WELL knockoffs. Finding genuine Marui Skorpion items (mags, batts, etc) is like finding a Cuban in Canada, honestly.
  2. Two mags usually, or 1.5 at least. It's stock Marui chrome, with a guarder nozzle kit and a 150% recoil spring set. It's not one of those aluminum conversions.
  3. Yes, and yes. Thass' muh baby. A word to the wise, if you ever get a chrome desert eagle, for the love of god don't break it, chrome spares are nye impossible to find. Also, mounting optics is a bit of a pain because you have to have the Tokyo Marui genuine scope mounts, otherwise nothing else fits. The aimpoint (also tm) works, but is largely for show. It's easier to just aim off of the barrel and point shoot for me, but I'd love to get a proper pistol scope, just so's I can be completely unnecessary. Why rose would you own one of these behemoths? (great skirmish performers actually, but I digress)
  4. Hey all, don't know who around here may or may not remember me, but I'm sort of an old timer that doesn't have much chance to get on here anymore. I just got done moving into a house though, and this was just too cool not to share. Hope y'all like it! PS, using this site on a phone is a bloody nightmare...
  5. BUMP. Tanio Koba USP is SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! Decided to keep the Western Arms M1911. Spectre and XM8 Kit are still available.
  6. Please read the thread more carefully. For sale is an FTC Spectre (classic Spectre M4 replica produced by Falcon Toy Company), not to be confused with the BTC Spectre (AEG control system developed by Black Talon Concepts).
  7. Niiice. BTW, every time you say aluminum siding, something like this \/ always comes to mind.
  8. Pfft, don't let a little thing like authenticity get in the way, run Pederson anyways. Really though, do it, I need to see this happen.
  9. Too long man, I crawled out from under a pile of textbooks and felt the direct sunlight burning my skin. After applying some sunblock and doing some stretches I grabbed my Skorpion and went to shoot some unsuspecting Opfor in the arse. Every time I go airsofting I always wonder why I don't do it more, then I remember I have a research paper due in a week. College eats alot of time, you know? I'm trying to ease back in though. Anyways, NBB seems promising, and I like the idea of MP40 mags moreso for a period correct-ish look. I sort of chuckled at the comment about the metal siding, but then I realized in all actuality you probably could do it, and it would also probably be pretty effective knowing your skills.
  10. I think the Pederson device equipped rifle would be cool. What magazines would you use, like Marui UZI mags? Moreover, how would you even make it work? Hmm...
  11. Spectre un-SPF. I will be responding to offers for it in the order they were received. BUMP.
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