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  1. Haha nothings changed here I see, would've done the same no problem. Yes, airsoft world related.
  2. Anything awesome happen during my absence?
  3. Haven't been on in 2 years... Sup?
  4. Cryo is making me post a comment >:O EEET LOOKS GOOD ESSE
  5. Dear ASF Staff, It has come to my attention that Hackeloaf's M16 or "DM Hackle" has been promoted to Moderator Level 2. Hackle is stupid and unqualified, bad move. Love, Bronco
  6. The one, the only, me.
  7. Uhh... do I even need to say why this is being locked?
  8. Sorry guys, but this is just a breeding ground for necroposting.
  9. First, this is in the wrong section. Second, this has been discussed numerous times in the gear section. Use the search feature
  10. No. MOLLE has nothing to do with Velcro. MOLLE is an attachment system.
  11. I'm sorry, but this is by no means pin-worthy.
  12. If I were you (asking for handouts) I would explain your situation a bit more...
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