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  1. It is somewhat torquey, but not nearly as torquey as a magnum or g&p m160.
  2. Went through my airsoft drawer and found some more stuff. CA Lower - $20 CA Motor - $5 ICS Ready Mag (modified hole to fit a mosfet) - $30 G&P Aimpoint LIKE NEW. Red Dot Only - $50 Madbull propane adapter, no leaks - $15 All prices OBO and does not include shipping. NO TRADES
  3. Selling two of my pistols. No Trades, sorry! First is a Tokyo Marui 1911 Government with FULL Colt trades. Shoots perfectly and has a Nineball bucking installed. Asking price is $100 + Shipping OBO. Next is a WE Hi-Capa 4.3 Full auto. It is a TM Xtreme .45 replica. Comes with regular mag and extended mag. Asking $100 + shipping OBO as well. If you want both it will be $185 + shipping.
  4. SOLDD!!! Thanks for everyone's interests!
  5. As cstrikeman said, the only real way to lower the rof is to change the battery out. However, this gun is a power hungry monster and neeeeeeds voltage. I could not get it to spin over with a 9.6v or 10.8v large type. The only battery you can really consider trying is a super high current 7.4v.
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