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airborne101's Feedback

  1. fcma172 left Positive feedback   

    G&P MK18 MOD 0

    airborne101 was The Seller

  2. icouldntthinkofaname left Positive feedback   

    AEG internals

    airborne101 was The Seller

  3. mario20 left Positive feedback   

    He bought a Lonex Motor, Guarder SP110, Guarder SP130 and G&P Bearing Springguide.

    airborne101 was The Seller

  4. mario20 left Positive feedback   

    I bought a CA M16 Full Stock + Accessories

    airborne101 was The Seller

  5. Epiphany left Positive feedback   

    matrix sd kit pieces

    airborne101 was The Seller

  6. Whiskey-Tears left Positive feedback   

    CA m15a4 for KWA KP8 compact

    airborne101 was The Seller

  7. admin left Positive feedback   

    Moved from Feedback Thread

    airborne101 was The Seller

  8. admin left Positive feedback   

    Moved from Feedback Thread

    airborne101 was The Seller

  9. admin left Positive feedback   

    stickydude1 traded some items on 28 Mar 2010

    airborne101 was The Seller

  10. admin left Positive feedback   

    handguards sold to member Jables on 5 Jun 2010

    airborne101 was The Seller

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