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  1. I would reallylove to become apart of this. And I live in the area!
  2. ive got a 3G that has no cracks and no dents or anything. PM'd
  3. Well that was nice and very benefficial. He did not say a RS body. There are plenty of reasons why you would use a RS rail- maybe you had one laying around because you shoot RS often, maybe you bought it because you want it to resemble the actual gun as close as possible, maybe he is actually a CODFAG, we can't tell thats for sure. To exlempify the pure embarassment you must feel, the fact that you are 15 and trying to show your maturity shows us that you are no better than him, maybe even worse. Dimeaning others and openly making fun of them to put yourself higher does indeed make you worse.
  4. Join military academy. Thats what I did. we play airsoft almost everyday- is so cash
  5. Thats a load of horseshit.(Excuse my language,Please I don't care who owned the gun, how old you are, and I don't give a about your fake little "its not my fault". It is your responsibility to inform the buyer about everything wrong with the damned thing. It is also the shippers fault for the packaging the weapon properly. This is a huge point I make when I ship my items and when items get shipped to me, if they are not packaged properly I will take pictures of the package and make a video of me opening and promptly send it back to the OO. Please take a video of the gun, with packaging. If it is your fault I take all these things back and a sorry to Puffin, unless all this is true. In that case- your bad Puffin and I hope a long time of terrible sales+trades ahead of you.
  6. does it have magpul on it? does the compartments work? etc.. how much are you selling it for?
  7. Does anyone know where I can get some? is the quality dfifference really that much? Whats the price compared to realy magpuL? I need someone on the forum to buy from too
  8. Hey I go to a mlitary school and so im in depserate need of an M4, or anthing that uses m4 mags. We have an Airsoft club/team so please contact me with any info or offers!! Phone#: 404-319-1234 PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP
  9. Description says it all, ive got a small budget offer up anything you have
  10. We live in East Cobb/ gainesville and other places around this area, so if you want to come out we can get a field. We are pretty serious about it and don't use walmart weapons and such. PM me and post on this thread
  11. but the dboys spr is poorly build and the screw/body material IS TERRIBLE
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