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    JG BAR-10: PSS10 Zero Trigger, PSS10 Silent Cylinder Head, EdGI 6.00 TB, PSS10 150 Spring TM M14: Guarder SP110 Spring, CA Metal Bushings G&P M16a3/SR-16: Stock Internals D-Boy M4: Tokyo Marui Piston TM MK23 Socom NBB Pistol KSC G19 GBB Pistol
  1. I was the previous/original owner of this rifle, and sold it to desertstriker. This is a very rare and unique weapon and has an amazing feel to it. With some minor tweaking and adjustments (which all G&Ps require), this gun shoots like a charm. On a separate note desertstriker was a very easy to do business with. Great communication and prompt payment. Free bump.
  2. No thanks, I'm not a fan of AKs. I have acquired a TM MK23 so I'm no longer looking to trade for one of those. The ONLY items I am now interested in trading for are... -Birch/Walnut M14 stock + cash -Any aftermarket version 7 gearbox parts + cash --M14 tightbore + cash -KWA/KSC G19 slide. + cash -Fully programmable assembled MOSFET + cash
  3. What I have here is a broken KSC G19. There are two things wrong with it. 1. The sear catch lever is broken. 2. There is a crack in the slide. When this weapon was operational, I loved using it. It's has a realistic feel that's unlike any other airsoft pistol I've ever used. Everything besides what was mentioned is in tip top shape on this gun. The frame, barrel, hopup, and everything else can easily be salvaged if you choose not to repair it. I also upgraded the plastic flow valve to a metal flow valve. Pictures: I'm asking $30 SHIPPED -I will pay the shipping fees to anywhere in the US excluding Alaska and Hawaii. -Item will be shipped using least expensive method. -I will only accept PayPal as a form of payment. -I will only ship to a CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESS. -I will not hold the item, it will be offered to the first person to send payment. -This item is being sold AS IS. If you are interested please post here or PM me. Thanks for looking!!
  4. BUMP! Other trades I might be interested in are any aftermarket TM M14 parts including V7 mechbox upgrades, MOSFETs, a 6.01 M14 length tight bore barrel, and a 6.03 M4 length tightbore.
  5. BUMP! The only trade I would accept is for a TM MK23 in good, working condition plus some cash.
  6. Sorry, I'm not looking for trades at this point. Thanks, but I already have a massively upgraded BAR-10. However, I'm going to shoot you a PM about a few of the spare parts you have. Thanks guys! Keep the offers coming!
  7. BUMP! Feel free to make offers! The worst I can say is no!
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